Gobel Group Reorganizes, Launches New Technology Company – Futurus Group

PHILADELPHIA, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nearly eight years ago, Chad Gobel founded Gobel Group with one employee and one client. Today, Gobel Group has grown to 30 employees and actively works with more than 200 clients around the world. Gobel Group has become the leading philanthropy consulting firm working exclusively in healthcare and the experts in building a grateful patient and family philanthropy program with engaged clinicians. Along the way, Gobel Group has trained over 10,000 philanthropy professionals on its Top Producer gift officer program, elevated the importance of philanthropy to more than 5,000 clinicians, and supported its clients in generating over $100 million in grateful patient revenue.

Inspired by its core belief that gratitude drives the decision to give, and that wealth drives the decision of how much to give, last year Gobel Group created G2G, or “Gratitude to Give” – the world’s first patient screening algorithm that uses adaptive, machine learning technology to accurately predict which patients are most likely to be grateful for their experience and therefore to donate. Using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, the proprietary G2G algorithm predicts attributes of gratitude based on more than 400 unique variables, derived from HIPAA-compliant patient information.  Since the algorithm lives within a machine learning environment, G2G employs a comprehensive and dynamic method of evaluating data to help inform philanthropic priorities and donor strategies. This process dramatically increases the efficiency and effectiveness of philanthropy programs. G2G has been proven to produce four times as many donors as wealth screening.

“As the first algorithm ever built to predict gratitude, we believe that G2G is one of the most disruptive and important inventions for healthcare philanthropy in our industry’s history,” said Chad Gobel, Founder and CEO of Gobel Group.

Based on G2G’s proven results and the significant interest among healthcare institutions, Gobel Group has spun off the G2G product and launched a new company, called Futurus Group. Nathan Chappell has been named President of Futurus Group.

“I’m honored and excited to be given the opportunity to lead the charge in bringing Futurus Group technologies to organizations that need a new way of finding and segmenting donors,” said Nathan Chappell.

With a specific focus on further developing existing and emerging proprietary technologies, Futurus intends to continue to disrupt healthcare philanthropy by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help healthcare organizations increase philanthropic support.

“As the name may suggest, Futurus, the Latin word for future, represents the future of technology – namely, how that technology can be used to support the productivity and efficiency of a philanthropic office,” said Chad Gobel. “With Futurus’ technologies, we will deepen our focus on supporting the nonprofit sector in an innovative and powerful way.”

“For the past forty years, static predictive models have been limited to using wealth and prior giving patterns to determine potential prospects,” said Nathan Chappell.  “But we know that humans are much more complex than our wealth or our past behaviors – gratitude is based on a person’s emotional, rational, and financial perspectives. For the first time in history, we have an algorithm that takes all of these factors into account to paint a much more accurate picture of whether a person is likely to express gratitude to an organization.”

As a part of its reorganization, Chad Gobel has named Randall Hallett as president of Gobel Group.  Gobel Group has recently expanded its scope of services and now supports clients with strategic planning, campaign planning and management, and board and leadership training, among other areas. Gobel Group’s team includes seasoned healthcare development professionals and clinicians from the top medical centers in the nation, including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Duke Medicine, and other leading philanthropy programs. Gobel Group’s consultants have led programs that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars annually and directed billion-dollar campaigns. In eight years, Gobel Group has worked with over 315 hospitals across the nation and around the world.

More information on Futurus Group can be found at https://futurusgroup.com and more information on Gobel Group can be found at https://gobelgroup.com.

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