Medicx Maintains Its Industry Best Practice Leadership Position As The Premier HIPAA-Compliant U.S. Healthcare Media Company

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Marking more than a decade of continuous third-party risk re-identification determination assessments, which is an evaluation of re-identification risks for Medicx Media Solutions patient audience data, Medicx (, the leading U.S. data-driven healthcare media company, today announced the successful completion of its 2019 Risk Re-identification Determination Assessment.

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Assessments are performed and documented by third-party statisticians experienced in conducting HIPAA-related privacy analyses. Medicx reviewers rely on the statistical de-identification provision of the law, in which a covered entity may determine that health information is not individually identifiable. A person with appropriate knowledge of and experience with generally accepted statistical and scientific principles and methods for rendering information not individually identifiable:

(i) Applies such principles and methods and determines that the risk is very small that the information could be used, alone or in combination with other reasonably available information, by an anticipated recipient to identify an individual who is a subject of the information; and

(ii) Documents the methods and results of the analysis that justify such determination

The process harnesses the established expertise of de-identification privacy professionals to assess the risk contained in Medicx’s de-identified data sets. The methodology is globally recognized and complies with accepted U.S. standards and guidelines, including The Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Academies of Sciences (formerly IOM) and Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST).

With patient privacy of paramount concern to all parties engaging in the data-driven healthcare advertising ecosystem, Medicx sets itself apart from the competition by having a companywide policy and priority on maintaining this third-party assessment for its patient audience data and its proprietary methods for privacy by design best practices. Completing this exacting review every eighteen to twenty-four months ensures that Medicx audience data is de-identified properly, is defensible, and is compliant with all existing state and Federal laws.

“This rigorous third-party assessment adds real-world credibility, value, safety and, unmatched granularity to our audience segments,” said Medicx President & CEO Michael Weintraub. “When a brand or agency works with us, they know we remove all risks associated with reaching and communicating with patient audiences through our HIPAA-compliant patented patient aggregation process so they can focus on delivering strong audience quality, ROI and their preferred KPIs.”

Medicx HIPAA-compliant real-world evidence-based health insights power the company’s patented ZIP+4 Micro-Neighborhood® targeting solutions. The 35MM+ Micro-Neighborhoods® that Medicx tracks across the country can be as small as a U.S. residential street or block, or it could be a larger geographic area in an urban area where an entire residential building with a few hundred apartments could be a Micro-Neighborhood®. The targeting areas are then ranked by decile to ensure that advertisers reach the areas with the highest concentration of patients with the condition of interest.

About Medicx Media Solutions
Medicx Media Solutions ( is the premier data-driven healthcare media company that sets the standard for hyper-locally targeted multichannel marketing and media campaigns with a focus on life sciences and other health-related brands. Through a patented analytical and HIPAA-compliant Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach, Medicx creates highly targeted, multichannel marketing and media campaigns. Medicx tracks 35MM+ Micro-Neighborhoods®, encompassing 240MM+ adult patients and over 4MM healthcare practitioners. The result is an unprecedented way to locate and engage with the right audiences across multiple platforms and channels resulting in more efficient use of our client’s media dollars, higher audience quality and compelling ROIs.


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