BookJane Launches Its BookJane J360 Platform for Major North American Retirement Homes and Child Care Centres

TORONTO, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BookJane Inc. (“BookJane”) today announces it has successfully deployed its innovative on-demand booking platform, BookJane J360 for a number of large North American Retirement Home companies. These facilities join the over 500 senior care and child care facilities across North America today already utilizing BookJane technology.

“The release of these products further highlights BookJane’s increasing popularity in the health care industry,” said Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane. “We are solving a very real problem for health care providers; being able to fill absent shifts quickly and efficiently through technology, is a solution that will revolutionize this industry, and we are excited that BookJane is leading the way.”

The BookJane J360 platform works in tandem with the BookJane mobile app for gig-economy health care workers, which allows workers to pick up shifts whenever they want straight from their mobile phone. “We have a solution for every size business; whether you are large organization and are looking for a more efficient way to utilize your own staff, or an organization looking to fill absent shifts through our network of professional workers, BookJane’s technology is built to suit your every need,” said Khan.

The platform has allowed BookJane’s clients to create a shift in just minutes, while ensuring a near 95% fulfillment rate. “Results like these are unprecedented for our industry; being able to fill a shift this quickly without the need to manually call shift replacements saves a tremendous amount of time and resources for healthcare facilities, which in turn allows them to focus more on resident care,” Khan further iterated.

One core feature of the BookJane J360 platform is the ability for facilities to share their own part-time and casual staff among multiple locations. This feature increases employee retention by increasing the available working hours for part-time and casual staff.

Over the coming months, BookJane plans to deploy more of its technology across the US healthcare market.

About BookJane Inc.

BookJane is a visionary company that through the use of its technologies, is addressing the inefficiencies in finding certified services professionals when needed. Our platform, BookJane J360, is being deployed as an enterprise platform for business customers’ internal use throughout the United States and Canada.

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