Sprint Works with Home Health Organization to Bring Job Resources to Caregivers

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sprint (NYSE: S) is proud to announce that Ultimate Care, a home health care company based in New York, has selected Sprint as its exclusive mobile service provider to give home health aides reliable access to important medical and employee resources when working in patients’ homes. As part of the relationship, Sprint is providing the company’s employees with Samsung smartphones to improve overall efficiency and give them instant access to critical resources needed to properly care for their patients.

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Employees will now be able to use their new phones to manage their timecards, accept and update patient’s cases, view paystubs and conduct other tasks. The smartphones will be pre-loaded with several work-related apps that provide easy access through fast connections when working remotely with patients.

“We’re honored to be working with Ultimate Care to help their employees better serve their patients,” said Thomas Malloy, account executive at Sprint. “By providing them with Sprint smartphones, they will not only have access to the latest technology that allows them to put additional focus on patient care, but also have access to our extremely fast, reliable and secure network connectivity that won’t interfere with their duties.”

Prior to selecting Sprint as its technology provider, Ultimate Care noticed the company was going through a high turnover of employees, partially due to frustration with accessing important information through Ultimate Care’s apps. Employees often utilize personal devices and data plans resulting in a lack of sufficient storage and, at times, poor data connections making their jobs more difficult.

“Since implementing Sprint’s world-class phones and technology, our employees have overall higher job satisfaction and patients are experiencing a much better in-home care experience – one that isn’t delayed by slow connections and phone storage issues,” said Carol Shafir, director of patient services at Ultimate Care. “We are pioneering the home health care industry with the addition of this perk, and with Sprint, we are offering better care to our patients while increasing the job satisfaction by our health care professionals through the use of Sprint’s world-class network.”

Ultimate Care is the first home health care organization in New York to provide its employees with a phone for both personal and professional use as part of its employees benefit package. The company began using Sprint smartphones and mobile services in early 2019, and are expected to continue working together for several years.

To learn more about Sprint’s relationship with Ultimate Care or to schedule an interview with our executives, please contact Sprint@godriven360.com.

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