fishbat Shares 4 Tips for Proactively Managing Your Clinical Trial

NEW YORK, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Efficient clinical trial management is one of the biggest factors in your trial’s success. Having experienced and organized project managers can be the difference between an over-budget study with unreliable results and an on-budget, trustworthy study with great results. The entire direction of a clinical trial lies in the hands of its managers, so it’s important to ensure that management is proactive, effective, and efficient. fishbat organized a list filled with 4 tips for proactively managing your clinical trial and patient recruitment advertising process, ensuring a successful study with reliable results. Look over them below.

  1. Maintaining regular lines of communication: Ensuring that all people involved in a study are in communication with one another is essential to proactive management. Patients should consistently be reporting data to trial staff, those staff members should be submitting regular progress reports to organizers, and organizers should be communicating any changes or sudden events to all those involved and affected. Communication is key to identifying delays or trial problems early on, potentially avoiding large budget overages and more significant study delays later. Having appropriate reporting systems in place for every facet of a clinical trial will maximize workflow efficiency and result accuracy.
  2. Prepare in advance for delays and react quickly to unforeseen events: Numerous clinical trials have delays of at least one month, if not a few more, with little major consequences. However, the goal of staying on track for production and market release is still important, so minimizing delays remains a priority for management. Proactive management means you must prepare for potential delays in advance and be able to spot the reason for the delay efficiently and clear it up quickly. Unforeseen events are oftentimes unpredictable but having quick problem solvers and experienced clinical trial managers can offset any major negative complications.
  3. Consistency is key: When a clinical trial is spread out over various sites in different regions or countries, it’s important that all sites and clinical trial recruitment ads are following the same procedures and performing at the same standards. It’s management’s job to oversee and evaluate sites for consistency between them, as the organization of each site has a direct effect on their results. One site could have an impact on the entire clinical study’s results, so it’s imperative to ensure there is consistency from site to site. Holding every site up to the same high standards regardless of regulations will make sure your clinical trial can produce reliable and accurate results.
  4. Everyone has a job and responsibilities:¬†While it may be self-explanatory, it’s necessary that every staff member involved in the trial is aware of their job, its procedures, and what they’re responsible for providing. Communication roles and responsibilities clearly will improve employee effectiveness during the trial, as everyone will be able to understand what their role contributes to the clinical trial and it results. This management tip also goes hand in hand with employee motivation; having clear responsibilities and goals set will motivate employees to work efficiently and have pride in their results.

Proactively managing a clinical trial doesn’t need to be difficult. All it really takes to maintain the best standards in a study is good communication, organization, and consistency. See what these tips can do for your next study today.

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