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SANTA MARIA, Calif., July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hardy Diagnostics has designed an automated plate reader exclusively for the CompactDry™ plate line. The Wizard CompactDry™ Plate Reader will automate the task of manual colony counting on CompactDry™ plates for food samples. Manual colony counts can take hours to complete and results can vary from technician to technician. The Wizard CompactDry™ Plate Reader cuts read time down to seconds per plate, all while saving images for digital storage.

Furthermore, a competitive price point will allow labs of all sizes and throughputs to utilize automation for their colony counts and create standardization throughout their process. The Wizard CompactDry™ plate reader is available for purchase now.

CompactDry™ provides the tests needed to identify and enumerate some of the pathogens of concern in food safety, such as E. coli, coliforms, Salmonella, Listeria, Total Count, Enterobacteriaceae and more. Using a dry material source, rather than traditional agar, allows for room temperature storage of the plates and an increased shelf life. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT HARDY DIAGNOSTICS – Hardy Diagnostics is an FDA licensed and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices for microbiological procedures in both clinical and industrial laboratories. Hardy Diagnostics was founded in 1980 in Santa Barbara, California, by Jay Hardy and Robert Shibata after they completed their Medical Technology training in the laboratory at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Hardy Diagnostics manufactures over 2,700 different products for the culture and identification of bacteria and fungi. Among its offerings are products used to culture and detect pathogens commonly reported in the news, such as E. coliSalmonella, and Listeria. In addition, the company manufactures reagents and media for use by molecular biology researchers. Over 9,000 laboratories throughout the nation rely on Hardy Diagnostics for their supplies.

Today, Hardy Diagnostics is a 100% employee-owned company that employs over 375 people and maintains nine distribution centers throughout the U.S. Manufacturing takes place at its headquarters in Santa Maria, California and a secondary manufacturing facility in Springboro, Ohio. The company also exports products through over 65 foreign distributors. The company’s mission is to “partner with its laboratory customers to prevent and diagnose disease.” For more information, visit www.HardyDiagnostics.com.


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