World’s 1st Cloud Based Nicotine Monitoring for All Tobacco Users and Their Doctors

RAMSEY, N.J., July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IntelliQuit, a leader in tobacco treatment products & services, announced today the release of their first mobile app.  The IntelliQuit Mobile App (available the Apple App Store) enables cloud-based nicotine monitoring for all tobacco users and their health care providers.  Measuring all sources of nicotine, the IntelliQuit Mobile App is the first smartphone technology which biochemically measures nicotine consumption from e-cigarettes such as JUUL® vaporizers. 

Developed by a team of tobacco treatment experts, computer scientists, chemists, and physicians the IntelliQuit app leverages an FDA cleared, CLIA waived technology, allowing any tobacco user with their physician or other health care provider to measure all nicotine consumed from any source.   Whether the nicotine is from combustible cigarettes, vaping, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, ENDS, heat not burn products, smokeless tobacco and/ or nicotine replacement medications the IntelliQuit mobile app measures all. 

“When you measure it, you can change it. When you can change it, you can control it,” said Matthew Bars, MS, CTTS, NCTTP IntelliQuit’s CEO and co-founder. “Many smokers are switching to vaping as an alternative and as a clinician it is helpful to know if the user is consuming the same amount of nicotine from vaping or nicotine replacement as they consumed from their cigarettes,” he continued. A board-certified Tobacco Addiction Specialist, Bars has treated tens of thousands of smokers. He is the Director of the Fire Department of New York City’s Tobacco Treatment Program and an editor of the Journal of Smoking Cessation and the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The app works by measuring color changes-more nicotine produces an increasingly darker reddish pink color. Color changes are read by the user’s smartphone via a process called computer vision. Using neural network architecture and deep machine learning, the resulting color map is read by the smartphone and uploaded to a HIPAA compliant cloud which returns the biochemical nicotine value to the user in seconds. The IntelliQuit Mobile App was designed with the smoker in mind and works well in a hospital, physician’s office or a telehealth setting. CPT and HCPCS codes reimburse as much as $100 or more for each test.

“Our hope is that significant insurance reimbursement and the ability to customize or titrate treatments to the individual tobacco user will engage more physicians and other clinicians and medical centers in providing tobacco dependence services,” Bars said. “More than 47 million Americans and 1.3 billion people worldwide still use tobacco. Without new and improved ways to engage the user, tobacco is expected to kill 1 billion people this century,” he continued. 

For more information or to download the app, visit IntelliQuit at the Apple app store. Please visit and view product video here:

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