WeRecover Launches Addiction Treatment Search Engine App for iOS And Android

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, addiction treatment search engine WeRecover announced the launch of the WeRecover app for both iOS and Android. WeRecover is a venture-backed technology company committed to  broadening access to care for addiction treatment. They have helped thousands of people find treatment through their website since they launched in 2018. Today, their B2C treatment search engine (MATCH), and new B2B  admissions portal (MAP), are now available together via the WeRecover mobile app.

WeRecover's mobile app

WeRecover COO Max Jaffe explained, “We took a deep dive analyzing how people are currently finding and getting into substance use disorder treatment.  The reality is: there are many antiquated workflows that have yet to modernize. We’re leveraging sophisticated technological innovation to streamline many of the inefficiencies in admissions workflows in order to simplify the process for people and help them make more informed decisions about their own care. This app helps plug the enormous leakage in case management and continues to progress the ideal of transparency in a vertical of healthcare that desperately needs it.”  

The WeRecover app supports two user types: prospective patients and treatment providers.

Prospective patients (and their families) can:

  • Build a search query based on their clinical needs, contact information, insurance information and budget
  • Match with treatment centers where they are admissible
  • Refine their results by taking a clinical self-assessment (based on models developed by ASAM and the DSM-5) to gauge their acuity and treatment needs
  • Filter their matches by modalities, clinical services, activities, amenities and location
  • Connect with providers either by SMS or phone

Providers (treatment centers) can:

  • Establish match criteria based upon their capacity to treat different types of clients
  • Manage and view matches
  • Set capacity requirements so as to not receive matches when they are full
  • Set hours of availability
  • Manage communications amongst large, multidisciplinary admissions teams

Additionally, WeRecover has announced the launch of a new product, MAP (Mobile Admissions Portal), which is available to providers within the WeRecover app. MAP enables providers to:

  • Leverage WeRecover’s CRM to simplify their admissions process and workflows
  • Instantly check insurance benefits
  • Securely send & receive referrals on a HIPAA-compliant cloud

MAP utilizes WeRecover’s existing insurance technology and payor integrations to deliver providers a robust set of tools that enable them to check a prospective patient’s insurance benefits in realtime and make an immediate admissions decision. When a patient is inadmissible to a particular treatment program for any reason, MAP simplifies the referral process. Providers, while in communication with patients, can securely identify an appropriate facility for the patient and transmit the patient data to that facility with the patient’s consent.

The goal of the WeRecover app, which includes the MATCH and MAP products, is to reduce the time spent by both patients and providers navigating the admissions process, and distill it down to a simple experience that can be navigated in minutes.

About WeRecover: Founded in 2016, WeRecover is a venture-backed technology company that has built the nation’s most accurate database of treatment programs and a matching algorithm that shows people their individualized treatment options. Governor Chris Christie, who served as Chairman of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, sits on their advisory board, alongside Dr. Timothy Fong, Director of UCLA’s Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, and Dr. Michael Genovese, Chief Medical Officer of Acadia Healthcare, the largest behavioral health company in the world. WeRecover has raised $5.3m from a number of venture capital firms including Crosslink Capital, Wonder Ventures, Box Group and Struck Capital.

For media inquiries, contact: William@WeRecover.com

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