Access Granted: Human API Expands Their Consumer Driven Health Data Network to 85% Coverage of U.S. Hospitals

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In an era when medical records are still largely scattered, offline, and difficult to access, health tech startup Human API has vastly expanded their provider data network to drive the consumer health revolution forward.  This first ubiquitous consumer health data network in the U.S. will allow people to securely share their data from anywhere with any company. 

Human API's Consumer Driven Health Data Network Now Reaches 85% of U.S. Hospitals

In their ambitious quest to make health data use and sharing simple and centralized, Human API now boasts a real-time, consumer-centric data network with over 20,0000 unique integrations that include 4,000 hospitals and 600,000 individual healthcare providers.  The unparalleled integrations include major health systems, stand-alone hospitals, pharmacies, labs, family practices, and individual medical doctors and nurse practitioners. Human API’s proprietary ProviderGraph technology maps over 1.2 million distinct relationships between health entities and doctors to help patients easily find, access and share their health data while ensuring their security, transparency and fluid user experiences. 

“When evaluating data vendors, we prioritized those with strong reach in the provider community and were happy to select Human API. The company’s products are easy to use, and it’s exciting to see them grow their network. The winning combination of strong patient data sets, and an intuitive interface, demonstrates Human API is moving in the right direction as it expands,” says Sean Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO of Omada. 

With an expanded provider network, Human API empowers more consumers to take control of their own health data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to create value when sharing with enterprise businesses.  Whether someone is using a new digital health application, participating in a clinical trial, applying for insurance, onboarding with a new doctor, or enrolling in a new wellness program, the Human API provider data network can digitally power those transactions in minutes (an otherwise manual process filled with phone calls, faxes and physical letters that could take weeks and even months to complete). 

These sentiments are reflected by actual Human API user feedback: “I was blown away by how easily you got EHRs, and I come from the health industry…It was a shockingly complete health record delivered lightning fast…easily within 60 seconds.” 

“We made it our mission to dramatically expand our provider network, so it’s really exciting for us to share this news,” says Nate Seaman, the VP of Product at Human API.  “Being integrated with 85% of hospitals in the nation means more people will be able to find their doctors within our network and share their health information digitally with the companies they want. This is a huge step for us in powering a consumer-centric health economy that puts humans first.” 

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About Human API
Human API is on a mission to create health data liquidity valued by customers and controlled by consumers, to radically accelerate the pace of health innovation. The company has built a consumer-centric health data network that connects, normalizes, and structures data from a network of over 20,000 unique integrations spanning more than 250 wearable devices and 600,000 individual medical providers in the US. Human API gives a simple way for people to access and share their health data on-demand and empowers companies to build consumer-centric health apps for corporate wellness, insurance, digital therapeutics and clinical research.  For additional information, visit

About Omada
Omada is a digital care program that empowers people to achieve their health goals through sustainable lifestyle change. Working primarily through health plans, employers, and integrated health systems, the company delivers personalized interventions for individuals at risk for, or dealing with, type 2 diabetes and hypertension, as well as anxiety and depression. Combining data-powered human coaching, connected devices, proprietary technology platform, and curriculum tailored to an individual’s specific conditions and circumstances, Omada has enrolled more than 250,000 participants to date. Omada partners include Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC), Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota, and other leading health plans. For additional information, please visit

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