fishbat Discusses 4 Challenges Global Clinical Trials Face

NEW YORK, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As technology evolves our world, it’s making the globe seem smaller and smaller every day. The trend of globalization is affecting nearly every industry, and the clinical trials industry is no exception. However, as clinical trials expand away from their home shores, new challenges are bound to arise. fishbat discusses 4 significant challenges that global clinical trials and patient recruitment service providers are facing in this new globalized industry.

  1. Differing Regional and Local Regulations: One of the most major differences between a domestic clinical trial and global ones is the difference in local laws and regulations surrounding the health care research industry. This is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind if any clinical trial goes global, as any clinical study can be swiftly shut down if it doesn’t follow the right local government regulations.
  2. Cultural Differences Between Domestic and International Patient Pools: Since patient enrollment in clinical trials are scientific studies, it’s important to consider the variations between groups being tested for selected treatment regimes. For example, a patient pool in the US will have a vastly different lifestyle and overall wellness than a native European or Southeast Asian patient. These wellness differences can account for any fluctuations in the treatment’s effectiveness or side effects. Understanding what lifestyle differences can contribute to your study will make it more comprehensive and reliable as medical information.
  3. Difficulties in International Communication: This is a challenge experienced by any multinational business or institution, as communications across time zones, languages, and cultures can all have their own unique effects on how people convey information to one another. This challenge is especially poignant in global clinical trials however, as some countries may not have as advanced scientific communities as the domestic trial organizer, or simply not have a robust clinical trials industry. This translates into a challenge in properly conveying study goals and practices accurately across many communicative walls.
  4. Maintaining Standard Practices Across Trials: Another challenge that global clinical trials face is maintaining the same practice standards across borders. Between the previously mentioned communication challenges, there is also the additional consideration of consistency across trials and data collection formats, both of which make a study successful or unsuccessful. These crucial factors require global clinical trials to overcome this challenge by leaning heavily on technology solutions for smooth sailing operations, including video conferencing set-ups and standardized data collection devices.

While there are many challenges associated with global clinical trials, they are nevertheless increasing in numbers consistently in the clinical trials industry. Opening up the clinical trial industry to a wider, global pool of patients has many benefits for the scientific medical community and can greatly benefit the global study participants and the study centers alike. Don’t shy away from the challenges and instead, face them head on!

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