Intervention Insights Welcomes Former CareFirst CEO and Respected Healthcare Leader Chet Burrell to Its Board of Directors

BOSTON, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Intervention Insights announces the appointment of Chet Burrell as its Executive Chairman to support the continued growth of its distinct, precision diagnostic platform Trapelo.

Intervention Insights is pleased to announce the availability of Trapelo, a true advancement in the use of molecular science and targeted therapies for cancer patients. The first-of-its-kind, decision support, order management and results reporting solution for molecular testing enables real-time alignment among oncologists, labs and payors in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of precision medicine. (PRNewsfoto/Intervention Insights)

Chet Burrell is the founder and managing member of Silavon Healthcare Holdings, where he oversees highly selective investments in U.S healthcare companies that are believed to offer both high social-impact and high investment value.

“I am honored that Chet has agreed to join our board as Executive Chairman. He recognized very early the value Trapelo offers to payers and he has already brought important insights and perspectives that further strengthen our compelling value proposition for health plans,” said Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights.

Over the last 40 years, Mr. Burrell has held numerous CEO level positions and chairmanship roles in both the public and private sectors of the U.S. healthcare system. Among other positions, he has been the President/CEO of three different Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, including the largest private payer and health benefits management company in the mid-Atlantic area, CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. And, he has been CEO or Chair of a number of for-profit health care technology companies.

Through much of his career, Mr. Burrell has led pioneering efforts to reform financing approaches to healthcare, such as financial incentives for providers and value-based payment models to reward more cost-effective, higher-quality care. Mr. Burrell has also supported joint efforts between U.S. government policymakers and regulators to find solutions to unaffordable healthcare costs. As Executive Chairman at Intervention Insights, he seeks to advance the cost-effective use of precision oncology.

“Precision medicine is reshaping the future of healthcare from diagnosis to treatment. Trapelo holds the potential to play a critical role in the current evolution of cancer care by helping ensure that the right genetic test is used to detect the right marker which can then be matched with the right intervention at the point of clinical decision-making. This will lead to better patient outcomes and I am pleased to be part of this effort.” 

Trapelo is the first precision decision support platform that directly assists oncologists in making the clinical choices that constitute “precision medicine” and, thereby, aligns the interests of oncologists, labs, and payers to deliver better care for patients while managing the costs of precision medicine through transparency and real-time automation. Trapelo obviates the need for traditional prior authorization, enabling value-based care while quickly giving patients the most appropriate, evidence-supported options when time matters most. Mr. Burrell’s extensive experience in implementing value-based healthcare solutions will be instrumental to the success of Intervention Insight’s capabilities.

For an in-depth interview with Mr. Burrell, listen to his full episode on The Precision Medicine Podcast.

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Intervention Insights is an information technology company on a mission to address the challenges that result from rapid changes in the science, technology and business of next-generation cancer care. Its product, Trapelo, is a win-win solution for doctors, labs and payers that need real-time, evidence-based information and full transparency to make patient-based decisions faster. As part of this commitment, Trapelo is the lead sponsor of the Precision Medicine Podcast a media platform that brings together industry leaders to help accelerate the effective use of precision medicine for cancer care. Tune in and follow us on Twitter @PMPbyTrapelo and on Linked-in.

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