TimTam Unleashes World’s First “Smart” Massage Gun

HOUSTON, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TimTam, the sports recovery massage gun about which Joe Rogan said,“Dude, this f**king thing’s incredible,” has gone next level with the new Power Massager Pro.

Smart Massage means:
(1) Quiet (10 decibels — as loud as your fridge)
(2) Innovative (delivering power to the tip of the massager allows for a toolbox of powered attachments from heat, cooling, vibration, rolling, red light, laser etc.)
(3) Efficient (monitors muscle temps for maximum warmup efficacy)
(4) Customizable (1000, 2000 & 2800 RPM percussion settings)
(5) Safe (warm-up, recovery, neck and lumbar modes to ensure optimal treatment when away from your professional) 
(6) Clinical (the only power massager that has antibacterial coatings)
(7) Powerful (2800 strokes per minute with 32 MM frequency)
(8) Connected (with our companion app delivering access to features such as location, usage data while helping providers capture billing)

“The market is flooded with pop ups trying to catch lighting in a bottle; we would rather control the weather by listening to our customers, pro athletes and partners that make a living off the body,” said Tom Pepe, the CEO of TimTam.

Professional athletes from the worlds of MMA, MLB and NFL trust TimTam with their recovery. New England Patriots players have been spotted using TimTam on the sidelines of games, as has boxing great Manny Pacquiao. MMA champion Georges St-Pierre and his trainer Firas Zahabi were key to the inspiration of the PowerMassager development. Top sports prep school IMG Academy has a sponsorship relationship with TimTam and makes the massagers available to its world class student athletes. B8ta showcases the product across their US footprint.

In short, TimTam is democratizing recovery with the Power Massager Pro — from the elite levels in sports to amateur athletes and sufferers of back and muscle pain (80 percent of us all). Or, as Tom Pepe puts it succinctly, “TimTam is Modern Recovery For All.”

Patent Pending

About TimTam
TimTam is the world’s leading 360 degree health & wellness recovery brand. With a laser focus on providing modern professional grade therapeutic solutions, TimTam caters to the active lifestyle of all athletes, from amateur to pro. TimTam also believes true recovery is a mindset—and applies to anyone, athlete or not, suffering from muscle soreness that is treatable with massage therapy (estimates tell us that’s about 80% of the world). TimTam is dedicated to serving this massive global need with specific massage and other products that create habit-based recovery methods and can provide relief to this pervasive problem. Modern Recovery For All.

For TimTam:
Dylan Breslin-Barnhart

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