fishbat Shares 3 Reasons Why First Time Clinical Site’s Should Utilize Clinical Trial Recruitment Companies to Build Their Patient Pipeline

NEW YORK, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning operations for a new clinical site can be a challenge to get up and running. Following the initial launch. First-time clinical sites need to lean on some reliable resources when they’re just getting started, and what better resource to reach out than those most versed with clinical trials and the industry around them? fishbat has compiled a list of the 3 major reasons why first-time clinical sites should utilize patient recruitment in clinical trials to build up their patient pipeline. Keep reading to see how these recruitment sites can benefit your new clinical venture.

  1. Gain Access to a Database of Prior Patients: Well-organized clinical trial recruitment sites have extensive databases of patients who have participated in or shown interest in being a part of clinical trials before. This kind of database is very valuable when your clinical study is looking for highly specific subset of patients for a study, as the recruiter will know what kinds of studies these patients have been interested in the past and have an overall look at their health history from prior studies. This kind of database can help your clinical study site build a reliable patient pipeline early on, as you’re leaning on the resources of a recruiting entity that already has extensive access to patients and their information.
  2. Harness Valuable Recruitment Experience: Having so much experience around how to attract both major parties in the clinical trial industry, the trials themselves and the patient participants, clinical trial recruitment companies have valuable assets in recruitment experience when it comes to online presence, functional websites, and marketing skills. Recruitment is often an overlooked part of the clinical trial process but finding the right patient pool is one of the most important pieces to holding a successful study. Putting your trust in the people with the most experience in the recruitment area will benefit you and your clinical study site in the end. bringing valuable experience’s effects into your own direct patient pipeline.
  3. Build a Repertoire with Clinical Study Participants: Building a patient pipeline and patient recruitment company for clinical trials can be difficult in the beginning, especially if your company is new or your site doesn’t have high-traffic. Pairing your site with a reliable and trustworthy clinical trial recruitment company can get your name out there and give your studies more visibility by building a repertoire with the recruitment company’s personal patient pipeline. Providing a clear-cut, organized study experience for the patients they have recruited will not only benefit their company reputation, but your site’s reputation as well, potentially bringing more potential patients straight to your site and the clinical studies you’re promoting at the moment.

While building a patient pipeline for a first-time clinical trial site can seem like a challenge, with the right resources, you’ll get your foot into the clinical trial industry swiftly. For these reasons and more, the best resource for your clinical site is a professional clinical trial recruitment site.

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fishbat is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in clinical trial advertising. The fishbat team takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs but understanding the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to clinical trial brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.


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