Leading Global Medical Cannabis Resource MarijuanaBreak Announces Launch of New Website

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MarijuanaBreak.com, a leading global medical cannabis resource since 2015, has just gone live with a long-awaited update to their online user platform. The site will now include doctor-reviewed content and an endless amount of information on strains and cannabis-related products.

Ahead of what is expected to be a monumental year for medical cannabis, MarijuanaBreak appears to be “leading the digital competition” in terms of user experience and professional information. And along with the site’s award-winning product reviews and industry-leading card referral services, the team will now be emphasizing medically-backed information.

“We are one of the few, if not the only, cannabis-based web platforms offering medically-reviewed information by doctors and other health professionals,” said MarijuanaBreak Senior Editor Nicole Richter. “For decades the cannabis space has been rife with anecdotal, ‘he said/she said’ type claims. We aim to change this by bringing an established level of trust and credibility to the table.”

Indeed, in a nation where roughly 90% of individuals are in support of medical cannabis legalization, credibility just might be what the masses need. In fact, according to one online user who recently obtained a medical cannabis license in Florida, MarijuanaBreak was the only service able to provide accurate information.

“I tried everything. The walk-in ‘420’ clinics, the online telemedicine services, local dispensaries… I just kept getting sent around in circles.”

Medically-reviewed information is nothing new in the health and academic spaces, but given the fact that marijuana is available in 33 of 50 states, it makes sense that the online community is starting to prefer a more “professional” approach to cannabis.

“I think it’s been a long time coming,” says Richter. “The doctors and health professionals we’re working with are some of the world’s leading experts, and our goal is that their knowledge and expertise begins to trickle down to the masses. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find accurate, medically-backed information on a product you’re putting into your body.”

MarijuanaBreak will, of course, continue to conduct their industry-leading reviews, including professional reviews on CBD oil brands, dispensaries, cannabis strains, and newly-released products. The website – which is a sponsoring member of the National Cannabis Industry Association – also offers comprehensive guides on a wide range of cannabis topics.

Be sure to check out the freshly-launched site: www.MarijuanaBreak.com.


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