Rising Biosciences, Inc. Announces TSW! (This “Stuff” Works!) Topical Pain Cream With CBD To Enter Pilot Production Run, Gov. of Ohio Legalizes Hemp and CBD Products Statewide

SANDUSKY, OH / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2019 / Rising Biosciences, Inc. (OTC PINK:RBII) (“Rising Biosciences” or the “Company”) an emerging leader in the research and development of oral and topical pharmaceuticals produced according to the strict standards of the pharmaceutical compounding industry, announces that TSW! (This “stuff” Works!) Topical Pain Relief Cream With CBD (“TSW! Pain Cream CBD”) will enter into pilot production. Rising Biosciences is also excited to announce that TSW! Pain Cream CBD will be available for distribution to markets in its home state of Ohio, due to the passage of a bill on July 30, 2019 which allows legal manufacturing and sale of Hemp and CBD products within the state of Ohio. (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/ohio/articles/2019-07-30/dewine-signs-measure-legalizing-hemp-cultivation-in-ohio)

The TSW! Topicals brand, owned exclusively by RBII, is a line of over the counter, topical pain relief products featuring a proprietary blend of clinically proven organic ingredients such as menthol, curcumin, ginger and capsaicin for reducing inflammation and effectively relieving pain. Production of TSW! Topical Pain Relief Cream With CBD is slated for the fall of 2019. The lidocaine based cream, along with the TSW! exclusive blend of natural pain fighting compounds, will contain CBD, a cannabinoid compound derived from cannabis. CBD, unlike its close cousin THC, is non psychoactive and non habit-forming. A growing chorus of clinical researchers attributes exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties to CBD. TSW! Pain Cream CBD can be used to fight muscle and joint pain, back pain, neuropathy/nerve pain and arthritis.

“We are particularly gratified to be able to offer TSW! Pain Cream CBD to the market,” explained Art Hall, CEO of Rising Biosciences. “I am thrilled for two reasons:

First of all, I am thrilled because as the name of the product implies, ‘This (“stuff”) Works!’ The number one thing any consumer wants in a pain relief cream is effectiveness, pure and simple. And that’s what TSW! Pain Cream offers like no other competing over the counter product out there. We have tested our proven blend of organic ingredients in numerous consumer trials and the feedback is unanimous, ‘Thanks for producing a pain cream that actually works!’ We have long wanted to add CBD to the formula to make it even more effective, but progress was slowed because of regulatory static we ran into. Now that Governor Mike Devine has signed the bill legalizing the sale of CBD products statewide the field is wide open for us.

Secondly, I am so thrilled because the release of TSW! Pain Cream CBD is in sync with the larger vision of our Company to combat the opioid crisis in the Midwest and beyond. Our own home state of Ohio has been brutalized by this scourge, ranking number two of all US states for opioid overdose deaths. I can only sing the praises of the lawmakers of Ohio for having the vision to join the growing numbers of states who have now fully legalized the manufacture and sale of CBD products. This clears away red tape so we can more effectively treat addiction patients at our SNB Health addiction treatment clinics. It means no more regulatory encumbrance for distributing our Cannophen™ CBD capsules as an opioid addiction treatment alternative in Ohio. And of course it means we can offer TSW! Pain Cream CBD in our own home state as a natural, non addictive, treatment for chronic pain. The sad thing about opioid addiction is that so many sufferers first became hooked when they went to a doctor for pain treatment and were prescribed a synthetic opioid as a solution. This outdated paradigm has led to countless lives ruined by addiction and sadly, a growing epidemic of overdose deaths. It’s entirely preventable. The paradigm needs to change. There are better, non habit forming, non lethal options available for pain management. And that’s what we are offering with TSW! Pain Cream CBD.”

According to Allied Market Research, the global topical pain relief market is projected to reach $13.28 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2018 to 2025.

About Rising Biosciences, Inc.

About Rising Biosciences Inc. – RBII operates three distinct business units. The first business unit is a physicians’ practice management company focused on the proper use of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain, opioid addiction, and terminal patients. The second business unit is a research and development company focusing on oral and topical pharmaceuticals within the strict standards set forward by the pharmaceutical compounding industry and the FDA. The third business unit offers cutting edge behavioral health medical treatment for substance addiction from branches throughout the Midwest.

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