The People Platform™ Patient Centered Care Approach Gives People a Mouthpiece for Improving Oral Healthcare and Outcomes for Everyone

BOSTON, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dental disease has been identified as a silent epidemic in the United States. 74 million Americans do not have access to dental coverage. This lack of access to care has created a rise in tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease in both children and adults. People’s needs are clearly not being met due to the lack of access to affordable coverage, oral healthcare education and quality preventative services. People without the means to pay for oral health care visit a dentist only when it is an urgent situation and most go to the hospital emergency departments.

Poor oral health creates a cycle of negative overall health outcomes and inhibits a person’s self-confidence, ability to socialize or find employment. The statistics are indisputable.

  • 30% of older adults without dental coverage are missing some or all of their teeth.
  • Nearly half (46%), of all adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease
  • 27% adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay
  • 29% of low-income adults say the appearance of their mouth and teeth affect their ability to interview for a job.

This is a problem that is impacting all people through the rising costs of oral healthcare. The People Platform, a cloud-based software, has decided that this human problem can be prevented and needs to be addressed.  Working with one of the leading Oral Healthcare advisors, The People Platform is enabling PEOPLE as patients and caregivers to take control of their oral health and interact directly with oral health professionals to voice a patient-centric model that improves Oral Health for all people.

“The goal is simple, to allow patients and caregivers to directly inform the Oral Health industry and set the agenda for what improvements need to be made to enable access to oral health for all people,” said The People Platform CEO, Paul Krasinski. “We realized that people have 2 visits a year at a dentist office which accounts for 2 hours of professional help with oral health per year.  This leaves people with 8,758 hours to rely on self-care to remain healthy. The issue of Oral Health is too important to wait for others to solve the problem, as people are suffering today.”  

Understanding the gaps in access and care for so many people across the nation made the case for The People Platform to step in, to contribute, and drive change toward more positive health outcomes and communicate with people when they are not at a dental office. We connected with industry leaders who share the commitment to improving oral health and a partnership was formed with 32&YOU™ to determine what was important to people across the country when it comes to oral health. 

The People Platform recently conducted a study on oral health. During that study, 93% of the participants said they gained new knowledge about their oral health during a recent visit to a dental office.  78% of participants said they are interested in learning more about oral health.  “If we understand the needs and interests of people from different places and backgrounds, we can create new opportunities for ensuring better oral health for everyone – not just those who can afford it.” said Ralph Fuccillo, founder of 32&YOU™. “While economic and social conditions have a lot to do with oral health outcomes, we want to engage those in the business of providing oral health care, coverage, products, and knowledge to meet people where they are…and to provide what they need to be healthier.”

Leaders in dental care and coverage, oral care products, policy makers, and the overall health care community are becoming more aware of the connection between oral health and overall health.   The People Platform is committed to connecting people to the partners, the tools, communications, processes, and to one another as they manage their oral health during those “other” 8,758 hours where they are on their own.

The People Platform™ is a cloud-based software platform that allows people and companies to interact directly from any IP connected device and in any location to communicate, share information, describe experiences and behaviors in real-time. Both consumers and companies receive financial value by participating in this personalized interaction. 

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