SurfCT And Pearl Brings Artificial Intelligence To Dentistry

The fear that dental professionals may be replaced by robots is as real as the excitement of wondering what the possibilities are when human brains are combined with the best of what the ever expanding field of medical and dental technology has to offer.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2019 / At SurfCT, our world-class dental technology professionals have always been ahead of the wave in the latest technology that allow you to grow your dental practice and achieve your professional bliss. So as we embark on this AI journey together, it is a given that we will be here for you every step of the way so that you remain competitive in this expanding dental market and can focus on your dentistry while you grow your dental practice.

“The idea that artificial intelligence will soon be helping dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists perform surgery on a regular basis is enough to instill both fear and enthusiasm in most of us,” said Mr. Paul Vigario, founder of

Like all things, we don’t have a crystal ball and cannot see the future. But we study the marketplace religiously and collaborate with our expert sources worldwide, so we have a clear idea of where we are headed. Here is what you can expect in the dental practice in the months and years to come.

World renowned dentist Dr. Kyle Stanley, the Chief Clinical Officer for Pearl Artificial Intelligence, has written a tremendous blog about the future of AI in dentistry.

“Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a mainstay in popular discourse,”Dr. Stanley said. “We dental professionals tend to meet the distant promise of robot dentists with a mixture of fear and amusement. But there’s a much nearer term AI reality for dentistry, one that doesn’t involve android implant surgeons. Indeed, AI technology in various forms is already upon us, and it’s poised to reshape dentistry in wonderful ways.”

Stay calm: we are not going to see android implant surgeons anytime in the near future. Any kind of artificial intelligence that enters the marketplace will not and can not replace the need for human surgeons. However, AI has already entered the marketplace and is ready to reshape dentistry in wonderful ways. We can start to see some of this in the new dental robots in the market Yomi dental implant robot and Temi provided by Surf Robotics and SurfCT.

For those who embrace AI, the technology will indeed make it possible for dentists to work faster, smarter and more accurately. We’ve already seen this take shape in some of the dental offices we work with. Take, for example, the changes we’ve seen with the dozens of dental offices we partner with who have utilized the humanoid robot “Pepper”in their front offices. They have experienced tremendous production increases since they allowed “Pepper”to complete most of the tasks once completed by an administrative aide in the front-office – checking in patients, booking appointments, taking insurance information, etc. The people who used to do those jobs now work within other areas of the offices and, consequently, more gets done in less time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Dentists who embrace this technology will be better equipped to help address the challenges the industry faces, much like those who embraced dental technology software 10 to 20 years ago have remained among the top in the field.

The benefits of AI are that most of the technology deploys some combination of computer vision, machine learning and predictive analysis. Simply put, the machines can predict future problems with patient care that a doctor may or may not see, therefore providing a second set of eyes so to speak that can only help with patient care and make patients feel more comfortable.

Medical professionals are already applying AI in hospitals to check issues in the brain, lungs and even the heart. A student from Langone Health at NYU has found that computer vision could match specific lung nodules on chest scans up to 97 percent faster than a panel of radiologists.

AI can be applied to dental imagery to annotate X-rays, identify tooth decay and bone loss, as well as dental work and natural anatomy.

Speed is key when dealing with dozens of patients every day, and AI promises faster diagnosis, leading to more time for patient interaction, planning, managing staff, evaluating new equipment, etc.

AI will also help with auto-charting and predictive analytics, which, when coupled with patient histories, can provide unique and specific treatment plans for each patient.

Researchers will be able to better crunch data to find correlations between symptoms that indicate the need for further study. Thus, those who utilize the best of what AI offers will essentially be helping thousands or more patients around the world just by sharing data.

Recently, founder of, Mr. Paul Vigario, was asked at a major dental technology meeting what he thought of all the Artificial Intelligence and all the AI hype In dentistry. Paul Vigario said, “We really believe in it, we have already helped dozens of DSOs, dental practices and even a handful of dental insurance companies who have reached out to SurfCT wanting to discover what’s possible for their business with AI and for help navigating this new dental technology.”

Vigario further explained, “AI is a powerful technology and it’s clear SurfCT is at the forefront of where dentistry is going. We understand what a dental practice should look like now and in the future, and Artificial Intelligence in now a part of good dentistry.”

If you are interested in starting your dental AI journey please feel free to connect with SurfCT or email Mr. Paul Vigario directly

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