Stratify Genomics partners with PWNHealth to deliver groundbreaking service to online customers

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Stratify Genomics, developers of the Prompt Personal Genetic Score (PGS) — a simple test designed to determine a man’s lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer — is introducing a groundbreaking new service that enables customers to obtain their lifetime risk of prostate cancer online with medical guidance without the need to visit a lab, clinic or hospital.

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Stratify has teamed up with PWNHealth to provide clinical oversight and patient support through the Stratify online portal. Through this online tool, Stratify enables men to easily order the Prompt PGS test online and receive guidance from clinicians recommending how often they should receive Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening based on their individual results.  

This online service provides men with an easy and affordable way to take the cheek swab test in the comfort of their own home, send it to Stratify, receive their results and understand within days how likely they are to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. Together with their Medical Provider, men can use their Prompt PGS to determine frequency of PSA screening best suited for their individual health needs. 

“Stratify Genomics is proud to team up with PWNHealth to provide minimally-invasive, low-cost tests for prostate cancer risk and potentially save lives through our groundbreaking online telemedicine partnership,” said Martyn Gross, President of Stratify Genomics. “Previously, family history was the most relied upon method of identifying risk, but now with Prompt PGS, risk is significantly more defined based on a man’s genetic profile. This easy-to-use cheek swab test is now readily available to men thanks to our online partnership with PWN.”

To provide context, in a recent major prostate cancer trial, incorporating the Prompt PGS modified screening protocol would have identified three times more patients at higher risk of developing prostate cancer than screening based on family history alone. In that same trial, Prompt PGS modified screening would have been two times as efficient as annual PSA screening, catching 20% more high-grade cancer. 

Despite being curable when caught early, prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men. Currently, PSA testing is the main screening tool for early detection of prostate cancer, however, it is not appropriate for every man. Recent changes to screening recommendations have meant that PSA testing is used less frequently, resulting in an increase of metastatic prostate cancer since 2012.

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Stratify Genomics Inc. is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of genetic predisposition to cancer and other diseases so that patients and physicians can screen more effectively and efficiently. Their first product Prompt PGS was developed to curb the disturbing trend of worsening prostate cancer presentation due to confusion surrounding screening.

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