Arterys launches the first viewer-based AI Marketplace for medical imaging, fueling open innovation

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Arterys, the San Francisco–based pioneering AI startup known for its internet platform for medical imaging, will debut its open innovation platform, the Arterys Marketplace, at RSNA 2019. The Arterys Marketplace makes medical imaging AI available to anyone in the world. For the first time, all users need is access to the internet to translate AI models into clinical applications for radiologists and make them instantly available worldwide.

Arterys is working with a global community to bring AI to clinical practice.

“Now you can build your AI app for free on Arterys and in minutes, instead of years, distribute them with the speed of the internet,” said CEO and co-founder Fabien Beckers. The developer tools available on Arterys include the first online deployment environment with a radiologist viewer, a scalable backend, seamless integration capabilities, and support for both regulatory approved and experimental AI models. Now creators can focus on creating the best AI models and publishing full clinical applications online without having to spend years building them. “Because every radiologist’s workflow is different, we’re putting the power in their hands to give feedback and iterate with a community of AI developers.”

Arterys has invested more than $50M and over seven years of development into building its proprietary internet platform and clinical-grade web viewer to take diagnostic imaging online. After building its own clinical AI applications, Arterys is making its platform available to a growing global community of AI innovators. Unlike others, the Arterys Marketplace is available to all — meaning anyone can share their AI models via a simple URL, and anyone on the Arterys Marketplace can try it on their own medical images.

Arterys invites all developers to share their content on the Arterys Marketplace, regardless of where in the world or what stage of development they’re in (research or regulated AI apps). The company doesn’t exert editorial control over the content and provides a set of guidelines for best practices. Arterys encourages developers to use content and editorial curation to drive audience development and engagement with their AI.

“We’re making the process of uploading, sharing, and testing your medical image models on external data as easy as uploading, sharing, and watching a YouTube video,” said Arterys Marketplace Product Manager Christian Ulstrup. “We firmly believe innovation can come from anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s why we’re working hard to make the Marketplace the only open, frictionless, and user-driven medical image AI platform available.”

The Arterys Marketplace will be on display at the company’s booth at RSNA. Check it out at the RSNA 2019 AI Showcase, Booth #10918 or on our website:

Are you an AI model developer? Interested in taking part in the Arterys Marketplace closed beta? Arterys is taking applications through the end of the year—join the growing global community of AI developers working to bring deliver on the promise of AI in clinical practice by signing up at


The marketplace is available to anyone with an internet connection.

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