Colette Nichols Launches Agency Helping Small Businesses and Non-Profits Grow Financially, Allowing Management Opportunities for Young Graduates in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2019 / Los Angeles’ powerful and passionate CFO and philanthropist, Colette Nichols, is throwing her weight behind efforts to provide financial turnaround and growth to small and medium sized non profits and businesses through her newly launched agency, The Cavendish Company, while creating opportunities for more young women and graduates to move into management positions in Los Angeles.

Dr. Colette Nichols has an extensive background in the for-profit world where she worked in finance and operations for 14 years. Over her career, she has founded, grown, turned around, or scaled 17 different businesses, ranging from $1.5 million to $435 million in annual revenue and from healthcare to retail to consumer products to eCommerce. In New York, she took a fledgling for-profit technology company and helped it triple in size and revenue within 6 years, while taking it from cash negative to cash positive. Then, in 2017, she transitioned into a unique dual role as the CFO and COO of a non-profit hospital in greater Los Angeles. Nichols is best known for that role, where she inherited a $6.7MM operating bottom line and turned it into $54MM in 17 months. Nichols’ financial leadership earned that hospital its first Moody’s credit rating upgrade in 6 years, from Negative to Stable. She was nominated as one of the 16 most influential businesswomen in LA County by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal in 2018. She accomplished all of this before she turned 40. She left the hospital in November 2018 to transition into motherhood with the birth of her first baby, a daughter.

Now, with the launch of her agency this year, Dr. Colette Nichols works with small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits that want to grow and achieve big goals but can’t afford to hire the proper talent to implement the strategies that are necessary for major financial growth. She freely invests her time, skill and expertise if she believes her client has a real business and can implement what needs to be done to grow. Then, she invests more deeply in the relationship in return for an equity or pay-for-performance position. While she’s growing and turning around these organizations, she is providing mentorship for young graduates who are just starting off in their careers. Because of her, some of them will gain entrance into managerial positions at the organizations she is advising.

Nichols’ requirement for her mentorship, which is free of charge, is that her mentees learn how to give back and participate in philanthropy. “I’ve been on my own, supporting myself without a safety net, since age 17. I was gifted in school, so I was able to matriculate faster than my peers. But I’ve had to earn everything in life that I’ve achieved, and I’ve overcome a lot of challenges and adversity. I profoundly understand what it means to overcome adversity. I paid for my own education. I’ve had to learn how to develop opportunities and programs and be very resourceful. What I’m passing on is that the key to living a fulfilled life and career is to involve yourself in things that are bigger than you.”

Nichols has a long history of mentoring younger professionals, especially young women. She has an open, heart-felt, compassionate leadership style that has become her calling card among the people she’s worked with. “True leadership skills, the ones where teams are empowered and strive to accomplish their highest potential, are hard to find. You must understand the value of the individual. People want to feel they make a difference and that they’re valued and their input matters. So, when you tap into that, as a leader, you unleash tremendous creativity. My role as a leader is to create a culture where people can achieve their highest potential consistent with the mission and vision of the organization,” Nichols says. Nichols credits her life’s experiences that by treating people well, she was able to create high-performing management teams within an organization and people flourished under her leadership. Those learnings rewarded her with two C-level titles before she turned 40.

“I have a bold vision and I’ve created the platform with this agency, but now we roll up our sleeves and get down to work. I have no doubt that our best days and our brightest moments are ahead of us. Our greatest triumphs of tomorrow might never happen if we lack the courage to come together and chart a course of strength, transformation and honor today.”


Dr. Colette Nichols

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