The World’s First and Only “The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind”

SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Most people take a daily vitamin of some sort but now HVASF has created The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind, but it’s not a pill!

HVASF has created a 12-month online system that nourishes members’ minds with daily affirmations on the two core sources of personal motivation: self-compassion and self-efficacy.  This power combination helps real people:

  • Connect more effectively with others,
  • be more resilient,
  • overcome challenges,
  • live more balanced lives,
  • and accomplish their goals. 

Edwards says, “The Daily Vitamin for Your Mind fills a critical niche between doing nothing (the default) and more expensive and complicated options.”  In only one minute a day customers are exposed to and encouraged to participate in concepts and tools that are scientifically proven to help them live their best life and meet their goals.  It is non-judgmental and very affordable.  The cost?  About the same as a first run movie ticket, or $15 for six months of membership, $20 for a year. 

  • Studies show that 85% of people lack in self-esteem, which although a related concept, is inferior to the power combination of self-efficacy and self-compassion. 
  • The results of low self-/efficacy/compassion include; low wellbeing, low resilience, minimal performance, negative self-talk, lack of initiative, shame, and fear. 
  • On the positive side research shows that we can learn these skills no matter our education level, income, race, social status, or past. 
  • What’s more, by focusing on our power combination we can avoid the negative side effects of self-esteem boosting efforts, for example, our self-concept being based on comparisons with others, narcissism, strained relationships, etc.

About HVASF:  HFASF is a startup business owned by David Edwards.  For 35 years Edwards has served people through leading healthcare organizations, focusing the last 10 years on creating integrated whole-person primary care settings.  He heard directly from care providers and patients about their challenges, which created frustration, shame, and discouragement.  In 2018 he had an epiphany pulling current research with lived experience into a coherent theory that applies to all aspects of life.  He refined that theory through 2018 & 2019.  Starting mid-2019, he dedicated his energy and personal resources full time putting the theory into reality with the launch of the HVASF system in November 2019. 

Media Contact:
David Edwards
CEO & Founder
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