NanoViricides Inc.: Upcoming Human Clinical Trials Create Opportunity for Innovation

The Company’s innovative new drug is heading to Human Clinical Trials

SHELTON, CT / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2019 / NanoViricides, Inc. (NYSE American:NNVC) (the “Company”), is a development stage nano-biopharmaceutical Company focused on countering viral infections, which has developed a unique, proprietary nanomedicine technology.

Investment timing is one of the most critical concepts related to the world of stock market investing. While its application is important for investments across any and every sector, one particular industry where it is most relevant is the biotech industry. Often, we see biotech companies with minimal revenues that are on the verge of clearing a particular phase of trials for a high-potential drug and once the phase is cleared, their stock price zooms as their market capitalization increases exponentially. Investors entering the stock before the clearance of the phase end up with phenomenal returns. One such biopharmaceutical player that is on the cusp of entering human trials for its highly promising drug candidate is NanoViricides (NYSE American: NNVC).

Key Takeaways from the SmallCapsDaily article:

  • The Company has proprietary nanomedicine technology called a nanoviricide
  • NanoViricides, Inc. owns a state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility
  • NNVC has an IND application for its core drug
  • NanoViricides is readying its core drug for human clinical trials
  • The market size for their one-of-a-kind core drug is estimated at a billion dollars
  • NanoViricides has an annualized cash burn of close to $7 million

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About NanoViricides, Inc.

NanoViricides, Inc. is a Connecticut-based biopharma company at the development stage, with proprietary research focused on viral diseases. Founded in 2005, the company has developed its own standout nanomedicine technology called a nanoviricide i.e. a medical agent designed to compel a virus into attaching to an antiviral nanomachine in order to neutralize and destroy the same and prevent it from attaching itself to other cells in the body. The company has its own, state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility and its research is focused on a wide variety of viral diseases such as shingles, herpes simplex, seasonal and potentially-epidemic influenzas and bird flu, HIV/AIDS, cold sores, viral eye diseases, and dengue viruses.



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