Huami Amazfit Set to Launch Earphone at CES 2020 Las Vegas, With One More Special Futuristic New Product Category to be Announced

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Huami (NYSE: HMI), one of the world’s largest wearables company1, will stage a Global Product Launch on January 7th at Las Vegas, announcing three new product categories. The event theme, “LEAP OVER LIMITS” will showcase the evolving Amazfit range which is aiming to inspire users worldwide by bringing them along with their corporate mission “Connect Health with Technology” in 2020.

Amazfit is excited to confirm an earphone category will be the newest member of their expanding product family to be released on January 7th, 2020. But a SPECIAL FUTURISTIC PRODUCT CATEGORY is still to be unveiled.

As a world leading smart wearable company, the new Amazfit product categories take advantage of the trendy advanced digital and health driven technologies, incorporating innovative software and new applications for a gamut of health, fitness and entertainment scenarios. Amazfit is delivering what their users have been hotly anticipating and will not be disappointed with the exciting functionality these new earphones deliver including noise-blocking, health care monitoring and special design.

A Special Futuristic Category For Next Gen Health Enthusiasts To Be Unveiled

With a well-earned reputation for professional-level and stylish smart wearables, Huami is excited to expand its Amazfit portfolio beyond smartwatches and grow its already popular following on a global stage.

Beyond smartwatches and earphones, the yet to be announced, the third new category is designed for health and fitness enthusiasts – a futuristic lifestyle for enthusiasts with affordable choices to help you LEAP OVER LIMITS. Amazfit will present a corner of the future fitness in the coming decade and bring the smart and modern health technology to the year 2020.

Amazfit 2020 to Leap Over Limits

It is the first time for Huami Amazfit to exhibit at CES, following on from its product launch success at IFA in 2019. In 2019, the Huami Amazift smartwatch has achieved great market performance since its birth. According to the annual press briefing 2019, as of 2019, Huami’s smartwatch global shipments has achieved more than 100 million. In the first three quarters of 2019, Huami’s shipments have reached to 27.6 million (+52.9%, compared to the same period in 2018). The global product launch event will be the good starts for Amazfit to leap over limits in 2020, together with users and partners.

As a biometric and activity data-driven company with significant expertise in smart wearable technology, Huami Corporation (NYSE: HMI), Mr. Wang Huang, the Company’s Chairman and CEO, announced Huami’s corporate mission: Connect Health with Technology. Driven by this mission, Huami is committed to establishing a global healthcare ecosystem, while being the most trusted partner of its users.

In October, Huami has established strategic partnerships with AliveCor, a transforming cardiological care provider using deep learning. AliveCor’s ECG solution has received FDA approval and has been widely recognized clinically. At present, AliveCor and top medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic are conducting extensive cooperative clinical research, algorithm development, and AI data training. This collaboration will explore the opportunity to deliver new high-performance ECG form factors to global markets.

About Huami

Huami is a wearable technology company that believes everyone should be able to take advantage of technology to achieve amazing results in everything they do. Its global brand, Amazfit, prides itself on offering consumers wearable products with advanced intelligence, quality craftsmanship, and, most importantly, great value.

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1 According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, in 2018, Huami has become the world’s largest smart wearable devices manufacturer in terms of volume.


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