Dr. Bomi Joseph Announces Winner of Academic Scholarship Campaign

Dr. Bomi Joseph is the Director of Peak Health Center and a firm supporter of formal education. As a prominent healthcare professional, he understands the financial cost of attending a post-secondary institution and wishes to support individuals entering the medical field.

LOS GATOS, CA /ACCESSWIRE / December 20, 2019 / Dr. Bomi Joseph is proud to announce Alexandrea Neuwirth, as the winner of the Academic Scholarship Program and recipient of $1,500 USD.

As an experienced healthcare professional, Dr. Bomi Joseph wishes to support students currently pursuing a career in medicine by minimizing their financial burden.

Alexandrea Neuwirth is currently attending San Diego, Mesa College, and upon graduation aims to fulfill the academic requirements needed to be a certified physical therapist. Her personal health experiences have served as a continuous source of motivation and her long-term objective is to help others regain function through movement and exercise. She claims that receiving this scholarship will allow her to focus primarily on her classes, as opposed to financing her education.

Alexandrea is also a supporter of endo-health – a branch of medicine that seeks to discover natural alternatives to human health over traditional pharmaceutical drugs. As an admirer of Dr. Bomi Joseph, she wishes to discover innovative solutions to provide top quality care.

She looks forward to starting her career in medicine and identifying ways to foster positive change in her community.

Dr. Bomi Joseph would like to thank all of the applicants who took the time to apply and reminds them that they can reapply for the next quarter.

About Dr. Bomi Joseph

Dr. Bomi Joseph is an experienced healthcare professional and a strong proponent of endo-health or health from within. Having earned his Ph.D. from Ohio State University, Dr. Joseph has dedicated his career to discovering alternatives to traditional medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. As the Director of Peak Health Center, Dr. Bomi Joseph takes pride in providing all-natural solutions to improve human health.

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