HealthLynked Corp. Receives $3 Million Equity Investment From Its Chairman and CEO

NAPLES, Fla., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HealthLynked Corp. (OTCQB: HLYK), a global healthcare network focused on care management for its members and a provider of healthcare technologies that connects doctors, patients and medical data, today announced that Dr. Michael Dent, the Chairman and CEO, has made a $3,000,000 equity investment into the Company.

“HealthLynked has become the first Global Healthcare Network and I believe HealthLynked is the future of healthcare. I am very proud of the work that we have done to educate patients and improve healthcare around the world,” Dr. Dent stated. “The Company has made great progress over the past 12 months and I see a bright future as we continue to innovate and deliver on our goals to connect patients and doctors around the world.”

Over the past year, the Company has reached many significant milestones. It recently reported a 49% increase in revenues from first half 2020 compared to the same period of 2019 even with the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare services.

  • In January, the Company released Cost Lynk, a nationwide pricing tool for medical services by zip code and by hospital, allowing patients to compare cost for common medical service. 
  • In March, the Company launched its COVID-19 tracker app and was the number one most downloaded medical app for the month in the Apple Medical Store with over 3 million downloads worldwide.
  • In May, the Company completed its acquisition of Cura Health Management, an ACO (Accountable Care Organization), allowing the Company to receive revenue from Medicare through its shared saving program.
  • In June, the Company launched its HealthLynked University, an online resource to educate patients and healthcare providers on a wide range of important medical topics.

Dr. Dent continues by stating, “We have several exciting projects that we expect to be completed this year and drive additional revenue, patient engagement and shareholder value. HealthLynked’s global healthcare network can improve the way healthcare is delivered and offers improved healthcare management for everyone. As a physician, I have dedicated my life to treating diseases and improving the health of patients. My investment into the Company proves my dedication and belief in what HealthLynked will provide to both the medical community and to patients worldwide.”

George O’Leary, HealthLynked’s CFO added, “We are so excited about Dr. Dent’s commitment to the Company and his confidence in the team to continue to execute our business plan. This investment moves us that much closer to our plan to up-list to NASDAQ, provides us with working capital for the foreseeable future and gives us the ability to pay off existing debt and fund our next acquisition.”

About HealthLynked Corp.

HealthLynked Corp. provides a solution for both patient members and providers to improve healthcare through the efficient exchange of medical information. The HealthLynked Network is a cloud-based platform that allows members to connect with their healthcare providers and take more control of their healthcare. Members enter their medical information, including medications, allergies, past surgeries and personal health records, in one convenient online and secure location, free of charge. Participating healthcare providers can connect with their current and future patients through the system. Benefits to in-network providers include the ability to utilize the HealthLynked patent pending patient access hub “PAH” for patient analytics. Other benefits for preferred providers include HLYK marketing tools to connect with their active and inactive patients to improve patient retention, access more accurate and current patient information, provide more efficient online scheduling and to fill last minute cancelations using the Company’s “real time appointment scheduling” all within its mobile application. Preferred providers pay a monthly fee to access these HealthLynked services. For additional information about HealthLynked Corp., please visit and connect with HealthLynked on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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