Cleanbox Technology Releases UVC White Paper

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to market confusion and misperceptions around the use, safety and efficacy of UVC light in decontaminating hard and soft surfaces, smart tech hygiene company Cleanbox Technology, Inc, along with healthcare and industry professionals, has developed a white paper addressing frequent questions and debunking common myths. 

With contributions from Dr. Matthew Hardwick, President & CEO, ResInnova Laboratories and Dr. Robert Louis, FAANS, Head of Neurological Surgery at Hoag Memorial Hospital, as well as industry experts Crystal IS and Cleanbox co-founders, Amy Hedrick and David Georgeson, the publication explains the basic concepts and science behind UVC surface decontamination, how it works, when it works and best practices.

To quote Dr. Robert Louis, “The problem of microbial contamination is not new to the field of medicine, it is just now that the rest of society is aware of these risks. As industries from airlines to retail turn towards physicians for solutions, we must provide them based upon our cumulative experience. UVC light has repeatedly been proven to effectively kill all known pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses including the Covid19 virus, SARS-Cov2. This has been demonstrated in both solid and porous surfaces and is non-destructive and non-toxic.” 

Further proof of this is demonstrated in a recent independent lab test conducted by a US university in a Biohazard Level 3 lab that shows Cleanbox UVC engineering kills Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19), with 99.99%+ efficacy on plastics & hard surfaces in 60 seconds, and N95 masks in two minutes. 

UVC is a wavelength of light that doesn’t exist naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. Because UVC can’t be “found on earth,” common pathogens that prove dangerous or deadly to humans have no natural immunity to it. Since UVC can be artificially created in a bulb—and more recently in an LED substrate—UVC has been used as a very effective disinfectant against viruses, bacteria and fungi for decades.

This publication explains the basic concepts and science behind UVC surface decontamination. This document does not address UVC water or air decontamination.

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About Cleanbox Technology
Founded in 2018, California-based Cleanbox Technology, Inc. is a premium, eco-friendly smart tech hygiene company, specializing in the UVC decontamination of hard-to-clean products that sit on the face or head, in proximity to high-risk contagion transfer points of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cleanbox’s patented products use UVC light in an LED, providing safe, hospital-grade decontamination without the need for chemicals, heat, or liquids. Cleanbox products are designed for head-mounted displays (HMDs), surgical and protective masks, eyewear, personal electronics and accessories. Cleanbox products have been independently proven to kill 99.99+% viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


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