CoverUS helps Americans find significant savings on prescriptions through new tool

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to help Americans better afford healthcare amidst the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession, CoverUS today launched a new tool that saves people up to 87 percent off the cost of their medications and simplifies the prescription management process.

Americans can visit to search for the cheapest and most convenient way to get the medicine they need, redeeming the CoverUS prescription discount card on their smartphone at more than 67,000 participating chain pharmacies, grocery stores, and “mom and pop” drugstores nationwide.

“Nearly one-third of Americans don’t take their medications because they can’t pay for them,1 which threatens lives and costs the economy hundreds of billions of dollars,” says CoverUS Co-Founder Christopher Sealey. “Getting people the medicine they need at an affordable price benefits everyone. In this economy, ‘win-win’ healthcare solutions are more vital than ever.”

For Americans in 38 states with health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CoverUS breaks from industry competitors by showing the price of prescriptions both with insurance and with the CoverUS discount card. CoverUS encourages people to use their insurance co-pay if it is the best option – a vital tool for the 20 million people with ACA plans,2 as well as the millions of Americans now without insurance due to COVID-19-related job loss.3

Americans now take an average of four medications regularly,4 making prescription shopping more complicated than ever. The CoverUS savings tool also includes prescription management features to help people collect the necessary information to approach the pharmacist sure of what they need and how much it will cost. CoverUS is accepted at 23,000 independent pharmacies that often reject discount cards from nationally recognized competitors, who sometimes present artificially low prices online.

“CoverUS is committed to getting you the best price on your medicine, doing right by your local pharmacy, and simplifying the process for everyone involved,” says CoverUS Co-Founder Andrew Hoppin. “Healthcare is expensive and confusing, but when it comes to prescriptions, we’ve got you covered.”

CoverUS is available to United States residents over 18 years of age at

About CoverUS

CoverUS is a Brooklyn-based startup making healthcare more affordable for all Americans. Our mission is to find you the best personalized deals on the prescriptions, procedures, and products that you need.

You shouldn’t have to be wealthy to be healthy. 


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