Japan-based Boot home launches world online fitness club to connect the world

TOKYO, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Boot home, Inc., a Japanese famous startup, today announced the launch of a world online fitness club “Boot home” to help everyone stay connected with the world.
Official website: https://en.boot-home.com/

World online fitness club Boot home


The focus is to achieve well-being, through the combination of Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep.

What does it mean to have a healthy and balanced life? It could be maintaining body weight, losing weight, toning-up the body, or relaxing the mind and body. To achieve these, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep are the three main keys.

Boot home is here to provide users with all services they need to enjoy a healthy life.

1. 24/7 LIVE Classes
Join the Live Yoga Classes (basic yoga, power yoga, morning yoga and pilates) and Toning Workout Classes (exercise on the back & upper arms, abs and legs & butt) on Zoom.

Book the 25-minute class by 20 minutes before class begins. Turn on the smart device and internet and participate in the class whenever and wherever.

2. Unlimited access to Workout Videos
In addition to yoga and toning Workout videos, aerobic exercise (dance exercise) and videos that will help users fall asleep easier (meditation and mindfulness) are available.

Streaming videos on demand for at-home workouts or help with preparation or review through live classes.


1. Available 24/7
At Boot home, instructors are from all over the world, and the company will provide diverse programs so users would never be bored. Users can choose the courses that fit their needs

2. By Appointment
Do users find themselves skipping workouts on YouTube or DVD just because? By booking a live lesson, it gives them the push that they need to start the work.

3. Live Feedback
Top-class instructors will give them direct feedback on their forms and poses. They will find them almost like in-person sessions, even though they are online.

About Boot home, Inc:

Boot home, Inc. was founded in May 2020, by CEO Toshimitsu Miyachi, who experienced numerous startup-projects in Japan, and a CTO, who served as a technical manager at both startup and large cooperation. We have completed seed round procurement from several prominent angel investors. Our next goal is to get listed on the stock exchange in five years.

For more information about the company, please visit the below link. https://app.boot-home.com/company?locale=en

For more information about the programs, please visit our official website below.
Official website: https://en.boot-home.com/


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