STOPit Solutions Launches SafeScreen COVID-19 Health Reporting System

HOLMDEL, N.J., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — STOPit Solutions, one of the nation’s leading experts in safety technologies and compliance solutions that help create inclusive, connected, and healthy learning and working cultures, announced today the launch of its SafeScreen COVID-19 Health Reporting System.

“We are excited to share this comprehensive solution with schools, universities, and workplaces nationwide”, said Tim Makris, CEO of STOPit Solutions. SafeScreen is a HIPAA compliant web-based application that uses CDC-NIH guidelines (and your custom questions) to instantly screen-out and alert you of individuals who may have been exposed to or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 BEFORE they enter your school, workplace, or organization.

Each day users receive a system generated email or text requesting that they take the health screener. The user then signs in, completes the screener and instantly is informed if they are “clear to enter” or “do not enter”. If they are clear, they receive a color-coded “entry pass” to display as they enter school or work. If they receive a “do not enter” pass, then the system administrator is notified and reaches out, via our 2-way chat feature or phone, to assess the situation and provide next steps. The entire screening process takes less than a minute to complete each day.

Given the information being shared, privacy and data protection are of paramount importance to STOPit. All data is instantly and securely stored in the cloud using Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure and meets a broad set of international privacy and compliance standards. Additionally, the SafeScreen program is HIPAA-compliant, meaning all data collected has both administrative and technical safeguards to protect against inappropriate access and/or disclosures. Finally, all data is owned and managed by the school, workplace, or organization ensuring minimal visibility by only those authorized to manage the program.

Setup and launch of the system takes about 1-4 days depending on the size of your organization. Additionally, the program can support multiple locations, teams, and tens of thousands of workers. STOPit Solutions wants all schools and businesses to be able to afford to use the program, therefore SafeScreen pricing starts at $1,250 annually for an average size school or workplace and increases based on the total number of students or employees expected to use the system.

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