Dr. Adel Quttainah: Changing Lives One Surgery at a Time

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / Dr. Adel Quttainah has found his life’s mission: to make every surgery a life-altering event for anyone who wants it. He currently runs Kuwait’s best cosmetic and surgery facility, Quttainah Medical Center. The company’s core principle is always to deliver the best kind of change that their clients want.

Dr. Adel Quttainah opens his doors to men and women who want to feel more confident in their outward appearances. He listens to them, relates to them, and gives them recommendations that will surely change their lives. The company he founded, the Quttainah Medical Center, is a 360-degree medical establishment for people’s beauty needs and wants.

They have different clinical arms, including a diet department, laser clinic, skincare and anti-aging clinic, LVR clinic, and a hair care and transplantation clinic. Whatever the desired operation, whether cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, facial plastic surgery (ENT), surgical and non-surgical weight loss (bariatric surgery), the Quttainah Medical Center has it all. And Dr. Adel Quttainah is leading the charge.

As a medical practitioner for more than 20 years, Dr. Adel Quttainah has performed operations and mastered it way better than many. It is what makes him a highly sought-after professional in matters of cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgery.

Dr. Adel Quttainah finished his education at the National University of Ireland. For his residency program, he traveled to Ontario, Canada, and worked with some of the best in plastic and reconstruction surgery at McMasters University. After five years of residency, he enrolled at the University of Toronto, where he learned about breast reconstruction using free tissue transfer and perforator flaps. He then worked as a fellow for some of Ontario’s medical experts like Woodbridge’s Dr. Lloyd Carlsen and Hamilton General Hospital’s Dr. James Bain.

After gaining knowledge about the field, he went back to the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, where he headed the Plastic Surgery Department of SAAD Hospital. He resigned a couple of years later because he knew that with the knowledge and experience he accumulated for many years, he only needed to invest so that he could live his life on his own terms.

He founded Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, which eventually expanded to several locations in the country. Like his current company, Cosmetic Surgery is the first to provide an all-around beauty service to clients. In 2016, Dr. Adel Quttainah decided to up his game. So he founded Quttainah Medical Center.

The medical company is not just Kuwait’s best; it is also the Middle East’s best. With their operations done in Kuwait, Dr. Quttainah is arranging to expand to locations like Qatar and Dubai. With this plan, many communities will have a chance of seeing what Dr. Adel Quttainah can do. He is ready to create more meaningful connections with clients and let them live a life of happiness and confidence.

For more about the Quttainah Medical Center and Dr. Quttainah, visit their website or email him at i.hammoud@qmc-kuwait.com.

Company Name: Quttainah Medical Clinic

Email: i.hammoud@qmc-kuwait.com

Phone Number: +965 1888883

Website: www.qmc-kuwait.com/doctor/dr-adel-quttainah/

SOURCE: Quttainah Medical Clinic

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