Joonghun Pharmaceutical ‘Lorient’ Dermal Filler Receives CE Mark Approval

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2020 / As of the 26th of August 2020, Joonghun Pharmaceutical’s (CEO Sukjoon Yoon) ‘Lorient’ a cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler has received the ‘CE mark’ opening the doors to selling the product in the European market.

Lorient is premium dermal filler introduced by Joonghun Pharmaceutical for the improvement of facial wrinkle improvement. Previously, Lorient without lidocaine (local anesthetic) received the CE mark, but this time Lorient containing lidocaine succeeded in getting approval for the CE mark.

‘CE mark’ is a European integrated standard certification mark that proves safety, quality and technology suitable for global standards. The acquisition of the CE mark for Joonghun Pharmaceutical is the result of many years of research and investment into hyaluronic acid, and quality control (QC) capability in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Joonghun Pharmaceutical notes, “As Lorient has received the CE mark for both products with and without lidocaine, it has once again proven to be a high-quality filler that will soon be leading the global beauty market”.

Joonghun Pharmaceutical has made significant efforts for Lorient to be premium filler. First, the safety and efficacy of Lorient has been verified through comparative clinical trials. In addition, STORMTM technology, a unique technology of Joonghun Pharmaceutical, effectively removes impurities that cause product related negative side effects. Joonghun Pharmaceutical has also succeeded in reducing pain during the injection and improving the injection force to be less than 9 newtons, maximizing ease of use and efficacy.

The Lorient product line consists of 6 products, 3 of which do not have lidocaine named ‘Lorient Pure’ and the remaining 3 with lidocaine named ‘Lorient’.

Joonghun Pharmaceutical, founded in 2014, has registered more than 100 products and has a lineup of quality prescription hyaluronic acid injections that also undergo strict production management for use in orthopedic hospitals.

The CEO of Joonghun Pharmaceutical, Sukjoon Yoon, states “Lorient is a product that has succeeded in significantly lowering the level of impurities compared to its competitors through strict process management and adherence to Medical Device and Pharmaceutical GMP standards. We considered the safety of Lorient to be our top priority so that even those who are new to filler treatment can experience it without fear of any negative side effects”.

Joonghun Pharmaceutical is currently undergoing preparations for the release of this product scheduled for early October.

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