How Tech Can Be Helpful In Tracking Your Employees Health, And Why

By Elaine Vanessa


Having a productive and engaged workforce is the dream of every organization. Well, I knew there are multiple factors associated with managing a mobile workforce and regulating their productivity; the major one can be their health.

The health of employees can create a significant impact on the overall productivity and performance of the organization.

But providing health insurance coverage to every employee is not possible. The paid leave can be a financial burden on the company. It is significant to solve the issue because the average absenteeism rate is 2.8%.

This is why it is ideal for tracking the health of your employees. By doing this, you can warn them and follow the reason for their absenteeism within time.

1.   How can Tech improve employee’s health?

The healthier employee and the increased life expectancy are all due to the technological advancements in the health sector.

From X-ray to the sale of 31,000 prosthetic parts, all are possible due to tech and health mergers.

Tech advancements significantly improve the employee’s health in different manners. Here I am going to elaborate a few of them.

Electronic Health Record

The initiation of the electronic health record is considered to be a revolution in medical history. It can facilitate employees and doctors at different levels.

The diagnosis and treatment of an employee’s health are more convenient due to this. Historically, hospitals have a complex, slow and clumsy information system that often mishandle the patient’s information.

Your employee’s e-record will enable you to evaluate their health level at any point from any remote location.

The physicians are also using different means of e-health record to treat patients. They track allergic reactions and previous health record by utilizing this facility.


 For instance; if your employee claims that he just has flu, not COVID, you can simply verify it using the e-health record and can save other employees.    


Imagine that your industry plant is working somewhere in the grasslands far from the city. Suddenly an accident happened, and one of your employees is injured.

What did you do now? I guess, wait for the ambulance, and that is it.

But the Telehealth treatment has its solution. It is a simple procedure in which a doctor uses telecommunication channels for treating a patient.

You can call the doctor and can handle the situation appropriately.

The Tele-health treatment has increased by almost 154% after the pandemic.

It can even be used in case of minor health problems the employee faces, as it is cheaper than visiting a doctor physically. 

Wearable Technology

Now you don’t have to give 20 days’ leave to observe and get medical treatment of your employees.

The wearable devices are available in the market, eliminating the requirement of being in the hospital for monitoring health conditions.

These devices work similarly as the doctor does and monitor different aspects of body functioning.

Almost 56.7 million adults are using it in the US. Its consumption with time is increasing rapidly.


The wearable technology has revolutionized the life of the lower tier of employees.

This is because; it is capable of detecting disease of any potential harm that is being caused due to their work routine.

Remote Monitoring Tool

The remote working tools are available at a much lower price than employees can continuously monitor their health.

If your workforce is above 50 years and has diabetes, you can weekly or bi-monthly check their glucose level to avoid any uncertain condition. Similar goes with the heart and uncertain blood pressure patients.


Almost 3 million people use these devices to monitor their health regularly. As an employee, it can save you from certain health uncertainty and organizations’ complex procedures to get paid leaves. 

2.   Why track employee’s health?

The technological forwarding is beneficial for ordinary people to regulate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, why as being an organization, I shall focus on my employee’s health? This is the question that will be answered in following headings. So hold on tight.

Increased Productivity

Productivity is directly related to an employee’s health, and it is admitted by 93% of business owners.

The continuous track of the employee’s health kept the management aware regarding an employee’s physical and mental condition. The process used by buy essay online.


It also facilitates them to save accidents and damages while working. 

Lesser Absenteeism Rate

Using technological advancements including; wearable devices, health apps and e-records, you can maintain your employees’ health and reduce the absenteeism rate costing $50 billion to the economy.

The absenteeism caused due to the health concerns can be reduced to a minimum, and their work-life balance can be maintained. Absenteeism has an intense impact on the industry.


You can track the physical activities, sleep hours, working pattern and workplace stress level.

These factors will provide a complete draft of employee’s health and prevent any uncertain health condition.

Increasing Cognitive Agility

Physical fitness is not all that needs tracking. You can also maintain your employees’ mental wellness, 18% of employee’s complaint of psychological disturbance.

For instance; you have a diverse workforce, and some of your employees are racist and have stereotype behavior. Then this can be a critical condition and can cause chaos at the workplace.

To eliminate all this, you can use the cognitive agility of your employees to measure the severity and outcome of a situation.

3.   How it benefits to Employees?

All of the technological advancements and the forwarding in the treatment are beneficial to an ordinary citizen and business owners.

But as being an employee, what all these meant to you?

This is the main question that generally bothers all the employees.

Don’t worry; I’ll provide you with some essential benefits that health tracking can provide you with.

No Unpaid/Unplanned Leaves

In a normal situation, when the management is unaware of your sufferings and health, they may consider your health issue as an excuse.

But when they regularly track your health, they do not have any reason, and your health condition is evident.


In this condition, they cannot mark you with unpaid leaves. 49% of employers have a wellness program to eliminate this situation.

Regular Health Tracking

Regular health tracking is the utmost benefit that any average income employee can get. I knew that it is really difficult to maintain all the expenses in your salary in the present world, count this one as a benefit.

The organization is paying for your regular checkups, and you can know your health condition. You may track minute symptoms and treat it medicinally which on later diagnosis may require surgery.

Almost 70% of employees get benefited from the health tracking and wellness programs of organizations, like the one used by the best dissertation writing services UK.   

No Emergency Visits

When you are continually checking your health, you may reduce the chances of any severe disease. These regular tracking can alarm you regarding any significant psychological or chemical changes in the body.


For instance, your blood pressure or cholesterol level is above the optimum level; you can control it from medicine and diet. If not diagnosed on time, it can cause you a heart attack and an emergency visit to the hospital. 

Almost 48% of the employee above 40 years of age found it significant in maintaining their health.

Lesser Health Costs

The lesser health cost is also a benefit that these health tracking can provide you.

When you are under observation during working hours, any uncertainty in the body that may lead to disease is alarmed by the organization.

You don’t have to worry about the health; the organization will monitor and inform it.


62% of the employees agreed that pre-diagnosis and information regarding the health have reduces their health cost.

Wrapping it up

The advancement in the technological sector and its usage in the health sector have increased the average life expectancy and also eliminate many diseases from the world.

The organizations in the present condition are looking forward to different technological advancements that they can use to track their employees’ health. All of these efforts are due to the fact that health is wealth.

The health of an employee is directly effective in the company’s profitability and revenue generation. Though, it cannot be one-sided as an employee also gets benefited from this.

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Elaine Vanessa is a Senior Research Analyst and blog writer at Dissertation Assistance. An organization that is providing buy dissertation online services. She is passionate about writing on diverse topics, and her passion is visible in her blogs.

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