How Medical Technology is Aiding the Global Fight Against Covid-19

Healthcare organizations worldwide have been forced to adapt and evolve as the coronavirus pandemic has raged across the world.

Existing technologies and approaches have been utilized in the fight against Covid-19 and the introduction of new technologies and treatments. Different countries have experienced varying successes in their fight against the deadly virus, with several populations still living in a state of emergency.

How Medical Technology is Helping

The ability to detect and track the spread of Covid-19 is essential in controlling and eventually ending the pandemic. This is a task that those in the healthcare technology sector have stepped up to take on, with several exciting developments contributing to the ongoing effort.

America’s Frontline Doctors is one group among those leading the way for better patient outcomes in the fight against Covod-19. This group is advocating for better treatment availability, as well as sharing trusted independent information.

With the need to act fast to defeat the virus, medical technology experts have come together in a united effort. Read on to discover some of the most exciting developments that Covid-19 has drawn out of the medical technology world.

3D-Printed Swabs

In 2020, Axial3D, an artificial intelligence software company based in Belfast, Ireland, began using 3D-printing technology to produce coronavirus testing swabs.

With each of the company’s 3D printers being able to print 1000 swabs a day, Axial3D has been able to send hundreds of thousands of swabs across the globe so far.

Axial3D has also used 3D-printing technology to produce components for ventilators and face shields, both of which are essential pieces of equipment for overcoming the virus.

Smartphone Covid-19 Detection

Governments around the world have implemented their own versions of Covid-19 detection and tracking via smartphones.

Through the use of various apps, smartphone users are able to determine if they have come into contact with anybody who potentially has the virus. In this instance, an app would alert the user that they need to self-isolate and also possibly take a coronavirus test.

These apps are great for keeping individuals safe and are also helpful for data collection by governments and various healthcare organizations.

Rapid Tests

Rapid testing has been an essential tool in the fight against coronavirus. By quickly determining if a person has Covid-19, these tests allow patients to make smarter decisions about their behavior and seek treatment early if necessary.

The growing availability of these tests will help populations decrease their risk of catching and spreading the virus. Over the last few months, it has become increasingly possible to obtain these tests over the counter, which relieves pressure on healthcare systems.

An End to the Pandemic

Through the combination of medical technology and a global adherence to coronavirus regulations at a local level, the world can collectively move towards an end to the pandemic.

Although there is still clearly some way to go before the virus is completely under control, it is clear to see that progress has been made and that a return to normality is potentially in sight.

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