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VICTORIA, BC, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The advent of the Internet and e-commerce was what allowed Canadian online pharmacies to start up and begin serving customers in both Canada and the USA. American residents have been very pleased to have these international pharmacies in Canada making lower priced Rx medications available to them. Medication can be dispensed for less in Canada, and even with shipping to the customer’s home in the U.S., it is still a favorable discount. Canada Drugs Direct is one of these certified pharmacies and able to handle the increased demands placed on pharmacists these days.

Part of the effects of the COVID pandemic has been increased reliance and need for pharmacy services, and a subsection of that was the need for Rx prescriptions being filled by pharmacies operating online. American consumers were using Canadian online pharmacies before the spring of 2019, but after that even more of them than ever were discovering the advantages of ordering drugs online from Canada. Healthcare industry experts are saying that we can expect pharmacists to take on an expanded role as hubs in local healthcare.

Canadian pharmacies operating online must have licensed pharmacists reviewing and dispensing medications in order to be recognized by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, and currently there are 64 pharmacies certified by the association and including Canada Drugs Direct. Most of these pharmacies will have strong logistics and supply chain agreements that let them source branded and generic versions of medications internationally, with the consumer guaranteed that they will receive the same quality and purity of medication they could get locally.

Along with paying significantly less on many medications that thousands of people in North America take regularly, increasingly people living in both countries are looking to maintain their good health with the course of medication their doctor and pharmacist agree is best for them. These pharmacies can meet the increased demand. Canada’s proximity to the USA makes Canadian online pharmacies the natural choice for this type of expanding opportunity.

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Canada Drugs Direct is a Canadian online pharmacy that is among the recommended pharmacies for Americans wish to save money on medication by shopping at a pharmacy in Canada. This online pharmacy can source medication in a way that allows for the best prices on prescription drugs from Canada. All orders require a prescription and are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist, in the same way as any pharmacy in America. Pay less for Rx medication ordered online from Canada.

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