L7|ESP™ to Support Genome Engineering at Washington University

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — L7 Informatics is honored to announce the roll-out of  L7|ESP at the Genome Engineering & iPSC Center (GEiC) at Washington University in St. Louis. The center helps the university’s researchers develop cell and animal models using gene editing and stem cell technologies. The full implementation of the L7|ESP platform facilitates data management and process automation of all lab operations, including sequencing, bioinformatics, request management, and billing and invoicing.

“We are honored to support GEiC and enhance their services in the fields of genome engineering and stem cell research,” said Vasu Rangadass, President and CEO of L7 Informatics.

L7|ESP is a unified platform with a single data fabric that digitalizes and automates scientific business processes. The platform fosters automation, collaboration and expedites scientific discoveries by managing scientific knowledge, processes, and data in one place. L7|ESP’s functionality enables GEiC to manage and track its projects, samples, instrument integrations, and key scientific data.

“We will use the L7 technology to track and manage diverse research projects that employ gene editing and stem cell technologies,” said Xiaoxia Cui, PhD., Assistant Professor and Director of GEiC at Washington University in St. Louis.

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