Vesto and Oldham Global Announce a Strategic Partnership To Provide Alternative Pharmaceutical Financing

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oldham Global and its portfolio companies are market leaders in the development of operating companies with interests in technology, health, pharmacy, logistics, and fintech.  Vesto is a market leader in core blockchain and crypto currency infrastructure providing the gateway for financial services organizations to transcend costly / ill-performing legacy IT infrastructures, automate compliance, and enable opportunities and yields not previously possible.

Vesto and Oldham Global have partnered to offer Vesto’s vCore-Infrastructure, which includes DeFi, Multi-Signature vWallet, Polygon L-2, Element Finance, USDC, Dai, and BTC to provide advanced financing services supporting high cost pharmaceuticals.  The vCore-Infrastructure will extend financing to those payers and patients who need the high cost, curative, and life-saving therapies made possible by recent scientific advances. 

With DeFi protocols, the pharmaceutical lending / financing process will be fully automated, allowing much higher yields than available in traditional lending markets.  This DeFi and Stablecoin partnership will ultimately improve access to health-care while reducing costs for those in need of high-priced pharmaceuticals.

Both Vesto and Oldham Global share the same mission in creating core social inclusions for vital basic services such as banking, healthcare, education, and sustainable basic living for all.

We’re excited to bring the Vesto solutions to market with Oldham Global’s portfolio companies in pharma finance and other health industry FinTech solutions.  The transformative tools and ideas behind the Vesto platform will change healthcare finance and many other use cases that we’re exploring.  DeFi related savings can make expensive therapies more accessible and affordable around the world.

Bill Oldham, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder

Partnering with Oldham Global has opened up many market verticals that can immediately benefit from our always “on-chain” Smart Contracts with DeFi.  The future of all financial services will be built around DeFi, which will deploy efficiently for financing pharmaceuticals for those in need!  We very much look forward to working with Bill and his team.”
Christopher McGregor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder.

About Oldham Global (            
Oldham Global is a development company with operating company interests in technology, health, pharmacy, logistics, fintech, and clinical staffing.  Oldham Global is also a quasi-family office managing its own funds and working with other investors, multi-lateral organizations, and institutional capital by project.  Oldham Global is a different kind of investor – taking a long view, focusing on building companies and partnerships where real enterprise value is built and where relationships matter.

About Vesto (
Vesto has developed the most advanced crypto banking-as-a-service platform on the planet through the integration of several distinct but powerful components including always “on-chain” smart contracts, blockchain, stablecoin, fiat on / off ramp bridges, a secure multi-signature wallet, decentralized finance services (“DeFi”) technology and powerful KYC and AML solutions named the vCore-Infrastructure. Peace of mind is a vital focus for Vesto with security a cornerstone of the solution architecture combined with both rigorous independent security assessment and consumer deposit protection insurance. Available to banks and financial institutions as a white label solution, the Vesto platform provides a simple user experience (UX), unlocks access to a new generation of financial products, while simultaneously managing reporting for regulatory, risk, and compliance purposes.  

Coincover:  Vesto is partnered with UK-based Coincover to provide cold storage protection services as the ultimate safety net to protect crypto assets on deposit with Vesto’s Multi-Sig vWallet.  Via Coincover, all crypto assets on deposit are insured and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London Insurers.

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