New health economic study proves the value of CADScor® in coronary disease diagnostics

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Malmö, Sweden, September 7, 2021

New health economic study proves the value of CADScor® in coronary disease diagnostics

A peer-reviewed publication in the September 2021 edition of PharmacoEconomics shows an estimated 12.3£ million savings to the English health care system per 100,000 eligible patients when using the Acarix CADScor system to rule out coronary artery disease (CAD).

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common heart and circulatory disease and is the leading cause of death worldwide. The current diagnostic pathway for CAD is costly, time consuming and for up to 90% of patients the tests are unnecessary.

The Acarix CADScor system is a CE and FDA-cleared device to enable highly accurate early rule-out of CAD using acoustic detection before patients undergo invasive diagnostic procedures.

The authors assessed the cost-utility of the CADScor system to rule-out CAD at an early stage in the diagnostic testing pathway in England. The results indicate cost savings of £131 per patient over a 1-year time horizon. The conclusion is that when initiated before using current standard tests such as computed tomography coronary angiography, the CADScor® test reduced costs to the healthcare service over various time horizons.

“Today, many patients at intermediate risk of CAD are referred to costly, time-consuming and even invasive diagnostic tests. These independent health economic results show great potential to reduce costs and workload and increase the focus of resources on the patients who actually need them. Our technology efficiently rules out the individuals who do not have coronary artery disease. Only 6-10% of the population with chronic chest pain are diagnosed with CAD. With CADScor®, the rule-out can be done accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively,” says Per Persson, CEO of Acarix.

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About Acarix:
Acarix was established in 2009 and is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ticker: ACARIX). Acarix’s CADScor System uses an advanced sensor placed on the skin above the heart to listen to the sounds of cardiac contraction movement and turbulent flow. It has been designed to be an all-in-one system in the sense that the heart signal will be recorded, processed, and displayed as a patient-specific score, the CAD-score, on the device screen. The readout is obtained in less than 10 minutes. Safe and suitable for use in both out- and inpatient settings, the CADScor System thus has the potential to play a major role in patient triage, avoiding the need for many patients to undergo stressful invasive diagnostic procedures. Redeye AB (+46 (0)8 121 576 90, is Certified Adviser to Acarix. For more information, please visit


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