Modularity and flexibility brought to the heart of tablet-based retail and hospitality applications

NORCROSS, Ga., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SpacePole, Inc., an Ergonomic Solutions Company, the leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of mounting & mobility solutions for point-of-sale technology, announces the release of two new TabPOS solutions designed for TabletPOS and a wide range of applications in both the retail and hospitality industries.

The pace of tablet development can quickly mean the need for upgrades or replacements. New from SpacePole, Inc., the TabPOS U-Frame™ ensures that while your hardware may change, your mounting solution will not! Built with modularity in mind, U-Frame is a simple to use, cost-effective adjustable frame for mounting all standard tablets from 7″ to large 13″ Pro formats and is perfect for TabletPOS, digital signage, front of house, attended self-service, or customer information. If you need to replace your tablet for any reason, just swap it out, in seconds.

This “one size fits all” universal solution is incredibly straightforward to set up and use. TabPOS U-Frame is deigned to be mounted on our signature range of SpacePole technology mounting solutions including SpacePole Stack™, DuraTilt® or the brand new TabPOS TabPrint™ Curve. Install U-Frame convenient to your application, whether counter, wall, or even floor mounted.

The new TabPOS TabPrint Curve is a simple all-in-one TabletPOS mounting solution to combine a tablet and printer within one footprint. Compatible with our popular X-Frame, U-Frame or A-Frame solutions, TabPrint Curve provides amazing flexibility for various peripheral options.

Whether adding payments, a second screen or even customer display, TabPrint Curve handles them all with ease by providing both high and low mounting points while also providing cable management and a small footprint. Due to a wide choice of TabletPOS suitable printers, we offer two different sizes of TabPrint Curve to maximize its compatibility.

Ian Dewar, CEO, The Ergonomic Solutions Group said, “The addition of TabPrint Curve and U-Frame to the TabPOS family, provides solutions that really address the current concerns of many small and medium enterprises who need to provide the best possible customer experience, whilst minimizing the total cost of ownership.” He added, “TabPOS TabPrint Curve and U-Frame allow businesses to create their own custom solutions to bring their tablet-based applications to life”.

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