Omnigraphics Announces New Product Releases for Industry-Leading Online Premium Databases: The Health Reference Library and the Teen Resource Center

DETROIT, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Reference publisher Omnigraphics has released its new, updated premium database platforms, The Health Reference Library Premium and The Teen Resource Center Premium. The platforms, designed for easy-access information, quick links, support networks, frequently asked questions, and authoritative reference content, have been updated to include full access to eBooks, increased search functionality, expanded support group information, and more.

In addition to the expansive suite of research tools and intuitive platform functionality, Health Reference Library (HRL) and Teen Resource Center (TRC) include easy-to navigate and comprehensive information on over 100 health conditions, teen financial literacy, and teen health topics including personal growth resources.

The updated premium databases will now include a collection of premium functions adding interactive tools, including a Financial Loan Calculator and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, a social media community share function for articles and useful contacts, relevant news highlights and enhanced readability options.

“We are thrilled to announce new product updates for Omnigraphics’ Health Reference Library and Teen Resource Center in order to best serve the education and library communities during a time of continued and increasing need for online resources,” says Sue Maniloff, Omnigraphics’ VP, Business Development.

Along with an expansive suite of interactive tools, the updates will provide users with full access to the well-known Health Reference Series eBook collection of 100+ titles, along with the Teen Health Series and Teen Finance Series eBook collections. With intuitive interfaces, interactive tools and comprehensive content, HRL and TRC are must-have online resources for students and library patrons.

Omnigraphics is a reference publisher headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, launched in 1985 by Fred Ruffner, founder of Gale Research, and is now part of the global data intelligence company, Aggregate Intelligence, Inc. Since 1985, Omnigraphics has been carrying out the mission of providing authoritative and engaging reference products for libraries, schools, and businesses, delivering high quality content in innovative and traditional ways, based on the needs and preferences of users. Flagship products include The Health Reference Library with 100+ key health topics and The Teen Resource Center, packed with practical and engaging reference content for teens. To learn more, visit

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