ALIO Industries At Pathology Visions 2021 – Motion Control Solutions Enabling Digital Pathology

(4th October 2021, Arvada, CO, USA) In just under two weeks, ALIO Industries will be exhibiting its uniquely precise motion control solutions at the Pathology Visions 2021 event taking place October 17-19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, USA on booth 405.

The global digital pathology market is projected to reach over $1 billion by 2025, its growth being majorly attributed to the increasing adoption of digital pathology to enhance lab efficiency, the rising prevalence of cancer, and the growing application of digital pathology in drug development and companion diagnostics. At the heart of digital pathology solutions are top-end nanometer-level precise motion control solutions that facilitate high-speed and high-quality scanning/imaging while maintaining a small footprint so as not to take up too much space in a lab/clinical environment. ALIO Industries is the only motion control innovator that specializes in motion control solutions that provide repeatable nanometer-level accuracy stages perfect for digital pathology applications. 

Motion control in digital pathology is an enabling technology, with the xyz motion control stage moving the slides that are to be scanned underneath a fixed microscope or camera which captures images of the slides. The key is image capture at a high rate of speed with absolute focus on precision, which requires that the chosen motion control solution must combine smoothness (meaning highest possible image resolution), flatness (controlling the z-axis meaning maintenance of focus), and straightness (reducing overlap between scanning “passes” and increasing throughput).

Bill Hennessey, CEO at ALIO Industries says, “ALIO is used to working with life science applications and uses testing techniques and processes that are unique to the life sciences sector. We have one of the most advanced machine shops in the world, using state-of-the-art technologies in controlled environments to ensure optimised motion control products are manufactured. In addition, our in-house metrology department uses best-in-class measurement tools to allow us to prove complete adherence to design intent. In the area of digital pathology, where nanometers are the focus, precise measurement and validation is key to successful motion control solutions, and so ALIO has 100%-part verification which is unique in the motion control industry.”

ALIO Industries welcomes the opportunity to discuss motion control requirements with digital pathology customers at Pathology Visions 2021, and to demonstrate how its solutions can contribute to cutting-edge and innovative products for this growing area of industry. Team members will be on site to discuss the specifics of applications, and to show industry leading motion control solutions in action.

Hennessey concludes, “It is because ALIO’s stages have industry-leading nanometer-level accuracy that they are used in digital pathology applications, where the requirement for image stitching of the scanned data is so vital (as is the case in top-end metrology systems). ALIO stages are characterized by the ability to move straighter than any other stages in industry, and therefore the resolution and accuracy of the data captured is superior, meaning reduced reliance on software to interpret and ‘guess’ what data readings are showing. ALIO provides completely customised motion control solutions and so is able to work with digital pathology solution providers early in the design stage of process development to ensure the most efficient motion control solution possible.” 

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Picture Caption. A custom-built stage from ALIO Industries used in a digital pathology application. The stage moves in X,Y, and Z  the top open plate can move out and pick up samples then move in and line up for processing.


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