Neva Analytics invests over $1M to expand its biotech service capabilities

LONGMONT, Colo., Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Neva Analytics has expanded its services platform by doubling its footprint and augmenting technical capabilities to meet the growing product and process development needs of its clients.

Neva’s new suite of analytics, which includes icIEF, CE-SDS, qPCR and expanded ELISA technologies, enables Neva to provide a comprehensive tool box for analytical support of biologic therapeutics. As Neva prides itself on working closely with our clients, these enhanced capabilities provide clients with custom analytical support ranging from research and development studies relating to product characterization, stability and formulation — to GMP method validation to support later stage regulatory filings and manufacturing. Visit for a complete listing of Neva analytical services.

To complement the new analytical services, Neva has incorporated a process engineering function to enable process development and early phase GMP manufacturing. Neva is able to run cell culture, fermentation, harvest, purification and fill finish unit operations, all customizable to a client’s process requirements. A case study on recent client process development projects can be viewed on our Linked-In feed at

According to Scott Rudge, President and CEO at Neva, “This expansion positions Neva to be an important resource for the local biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We will be able to offer our new and existing clients more end to end services for rapid development of their products. And it goes without saying that the investment extends to our number one resource, the truly exceptional people who make Neva great at what it does best, delivering for our partners.”

Contact Neva today at [email protected] to learn more about its expanding pharmaceutical analytical and process engineering services and how it can cost-effectively support your product and process development.

About Neva Analytics LLC.
Founded in 2017, Neva is an FDA-inspected GMP compliant laboratory providing analytical expert services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and allied industries. Neva was founded to provide comprehensive analytical services to companies developing and commercializing healthcare products and has now served clients across North America, Europe and Asia. Through our comprehensive analytical and process engineering services, Neva provides an experienced integrated team to directly support method development, method validation, product characterization, process development and early-phase GMP manufacturing.

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