DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — YouFit Gyms, the popular nationwide fitness chain, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with EatLove, the leading personalized nutritional platform, that will provide members with individualized nutritional advice and meal planning, food tracking, and a dietitian-led education series. YouFit Gyms is the first and only gym chain to offer this level of nutritional guidance as part of its low-cost membership.

“We are excited to partner with EatLove as one more example of our commitment to bring a comprehensive approach to health and wellness to all,” said Brian Vahaly, CEO, YouFit Gyms.  “Combined with our affordable personal training, HIIT+ and on-demand workouts, all new equipment and refreshed gyms nationwide, the added benefit of nutritional guidance will help our members reach their goals.”

According to a recent survey of YouFit members, eating healthy in the new year was among the top goals for 2022. The partnership with EatLove will provide members with more than 6,000 how-to recipes for all kinds of diets along with integration into their lifestyle (i.e., vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, endurance, low-carb, weight-loss) at all stages of life.  Access to dietitian-approved real-time nutrition guidance tailored to individual goals and lifestyle as well as recommendations on restaurants, home delivery through EatLove delivery partners or grocery shopping lists makes nutrition easy by choosing how members want to eat based on their goals and health needs.

” Research consistently shows that healthy eating habits have a larger impact on fitness than exercise and as a society, we’re more conscious of the affects that our daily choices have on our health than ever before,” said Monique Nadeau, CEO and Co-Founder of EatLove.  “We’re delighted to be part of the solution by guiding YouFit members through their personal journeys to achieve more energy, better health, confidence in the kitchen, and delicious mealtimes with family and friends.”

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About YouFit Gyms

YouFit Gyms is a personalized, accessible and inclusive place for all to get fit and take charge of their well-being. With 80 gyms nationwide, YouFit Gyms is results-driven, offering personalized fitness and training solutions at a price so accessible anyone can enjoy being an active participant in their own journey. YouFit Gyms believes an individualized approach gets results, and every body deserves results.

About EatLove

EatLove is the leading personalized nutrition platform used by thousands of registered dietitians, health systems, fitness companies, and wellness centers to deliver evidence-based nutrition programs. EatLove has developed LENA® Nutrition Intelligence, a mobile-friendly, AI-powered nutritionist to deliver comprehensive personalization that translates abstract health goals into practical recommendations. The technology supports more than 30 of the most common health and wellness goals from general healthy eating and diabetes to building muscle and weight management. With more than 6,000 easy-to-follow, dietitian-approved recipes, EatLove offers the largest choice of meal options of its kind — complete with optional grocery delivery, smart restaurant choices, and ongoing support to build healthier, sustainable habits.

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