easyReportPRO Helps Clinicians Create Detailed Reports in Minutes

WILLIAMSBURG, Mass., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — easyReportPRO, a new, innovative and powerful report writing platform to help Speech-Language Pathologists write diagnostic reports, is now available at easyReportPRO.com. The platform, built to help therapists eliminate the need to rework reports through three impressive features: auto-populate, auto-match and report outlines. These features enable clinicians to generate error-free comprehensive reports in minutes so they can focus their time on analytical and expert driven narratives. To launch the platform, the company is offering a 30-day trial to all clinicians via its website, easyReportPRO.com.

The concept for easyReportPRO was born in 2019 when co-Founder and SLP, Michelle Boisvert Ph.D., CCC-SLP, RSP-ADHD, was experiencing feelings of burnout due to the overwhelming number of client and student evaluations she had to complete. After speaking with her husband, developer Stuart Brisson on ways technology, specifically data-optimized templates, could help improve the report writing process, easyReportPro was born.

easyReportPRO has over 700 diagnostic and report related resources that have been developed by a team of therapists. Clinicians who use easyReportPRO instantly have access to widely used standardized assessments and the system matches inputted scores with pre-written descriptive narratives, tables, and charts. Expert written multiple choice checklists are available to display report sections such as the referral questions, behavioral observations, and attention, communication, and sensory descriptions. There are commonly used report paragraphs and a library of searchable and specialty specific recommendations. This innovative approach to report development and organization allows clinicians to showcase their expertise while emphasizing their ability to focus on critical content such as diagnostic impressions and data analysis, recommendations, and accommodations. For as little as $9 a month, clinicians can access all resources, create unlimited reports, and copy, modify and create any report elements and save them to their own personal and secure easyReportPRO library.

“As a Speech Language Pathologist, I needed a platform that would help me create comprehensive and detailed reports for my clients while ensuring I didn’t have to spend hours and hours of my non-billable time,” adds Boisvert. “I have seen in my practice how easyReportPRO has helped me become a stronger SLP. I now have more time to focus on interventions, consultations and collaboration with team members rather than report writing.” To help clinicians, especially those new-to-the-field, access professional report writing resources, easyReportPRO has a scalable pricing structure and a free 30-day trial. It’s a win for every clinician.

“easyReportPRO is a valuable addition to my clinical toolkit,” says Dr. Sarah Fitta, CCC-SLPD, BCBA.” It has provided me with efficient, streamlined report writing. The customizable templates have allowed me to focus on analyzing my clients’ performance while saving significant time on the communication of results when writing the report. With easyReportPRO, I can feel proud of the diagnostic reports I share with families while saving valuable time.” With these highly effective resources, planning a report outline specifically for your area of expertise is made easier. This platform makes it simple to combine resources, build outlines, and streamline your data-entry process so clinicians write high quality diagnostic reports in a fraction of the time,” adds Boisvert.

In addition to individual licenses, easyReportPro also offers premium support services, including multi-licenses, custom reports, and branded options for larger institutions, schools, and universities. They also have experienced clinicians ready to help advise and consult with customers who would like help developing customized report outlines, resources, and recommendations.

Working with SLP’s is only the beginning, says Boisvert. We are already working on tools to help ABA’s, OTs, Psychologists, Vision Therapists, and more.

About easyReportPRO
Launched this month, easyReportPro.com helps clinicians focus their time on the analytical and expert driven narratives of diagnostic reports. Founded by Michelle Boisvert, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, RSP-ADHD, a speech and language pathologist, and Stuart Brisson, easyReportPRO offers SLPs and other clinicians a simple yet powerful platform that automatically develops customized, error-free, and professional reports in minutes. To learn more, visit easyreportpro.com

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