Oncology Research Veterans Launch TrialNAV – An Innovative Clinical Research Solutions Company

TrialNav Will Connect Clinical Trial Sponsors, Research Sites, and the People Living with Cancer that Need Access to New Potential Treatment Options Most

PHOENIX, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TrialNAV, an innovative clinical research solutions company designed to bridge the gaps between industry sponsors, research sites, and cancer trial participants today announced its launch. The company’s suite of expansive offerings will empower its clients with a complete solution for the identified challenges in the pharmaceutical and technology industries, clinical research organizations, site management organizations, and clinical research sites within healthcare organizations. The solutions are designed to improve enrollment in clinical research and provide better access to treatment options for people living with cancer.

Organized into three business units purposefully designed to provide curated solutions, TrialNAV’s services include:

  • Consulting for both industry and HCO research sites
  • Technology development
  • Patient and Caregiver Support

For industry sponsors, TrialNAV provides optimization and implementation for clinical trial start-up and ongoing operations, sponsor and biospecimen global trial-to-site sourcing and procurement, and trial design. For research sites, TrialNAV develops program architecture with an emphasis on efficiency in feasibility, portfolio management, staffing solutions, digital transformation, decentralized clinical trials, and multicenter trial management. TrialNAV’s technology development team provides innovation aimed at creating tools to solve the barriers in clinical trial enrollment, including software platforms to directly empower patients and their caregivers to advocate for their treatment and support needs.

Leading TrialNAV are highly experienced cancer research professionals, co-founders and co-CEOs, Tandy Tipps, M.ED, M.P.A., PH.D. and Brenda Noggy, RN, BSN, CCRP. Dr. Tipps have more than 25 years of experience leading global oncology clinical research initiatives and developing global research site networks. Most recently, Dr. Tipps was the SVP of the Healthcare Organization at Inteliquet, an IQVIA business. Prior to her tenure at Inteliquet, she served as the VP of the Oncology Site Network at Precision for Medicine, where she developed and led a global oncology site network. Previously, she was the Administrative Director of the world’s largest Phase 1 program at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Brenda Noggy has more than 20 years of experience developing and leading cancer center research programs and working with multi-disciplinary researchers and patients. She has successfully launched oncology start up and expansion programs in acclaimed academic and community cancer centers. Most recently, Brenda was the Executive Director of Business Development at Inteliquet, an IQVIA business. Prior to her joining Inteliquet, she was the Director of Cancer Research Network Operations at Banner/MD Anderson in Phoenix.

“There are many promising cancer therapeutics in development, but there are also many barriers standing between potentially life-saving therapies and the patients who need them most. At TrialNAV we are laser focused on bridging the gaps that exist between clinical sites, industry sponsors, and patients while keeping the welfare of cancer patients at the core of all we do,” said Dr. Tipps. “With the formation of TrialNAV, we are thrilled to harness our combined knowledge in the industry, technology, and cancer center site operations to offer clinical research sites a wide breadth of solutions to improve their trial operations, create meaningful partnerships, and grow their research programs. In addition, our network of diverse and established research sites provides trial sponsors confidence that the sites they select for their trials are well-positioned to enroll patients and carry out optimized clinical operations – from startup and enrollment to study closure. We also leverage our knowledge in technology to ensure operational efficiency throughout the clinical trial continuum. Our services contribute to better patient access to clinical trials, while having a positive impact on clinical research.”

TrialNAV has established strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, driven by the mission of expanding patient access to cancer treatments through clinical trials. TrialNAV is pleased to announce partnerships with STAR Health and STAR Biosciences, Biosample Zone, Reveles Clinical Services, ILife Consulting, ClinTrial Network, Bright Pharma, Complete Phase Consulting, Medasource, TurboRegs, and HiRO.

“Cancer is a devastating disease and the advancements in precision medicine make us especially hopeful for the future of care for people living with cancer. We look forward to making a positive impact in the fight against cancer through doing all we can to improve cancer research and the lives of cancer patients and the people who love them,” said Brenda. “Integral to the services and expertise TrialNAV offers clinical sites and sponsors are the values on which we have built this company. We pledge to our clients and to cancer patients and caregivers that honesty, transparency, respect, and a keen focus on quality will remain at the core of all our relationships and deliverables.”

About TrialNAV

TrialNAV is a clinical trial consulting, site staffing, and technology solutions development company. TrialNAV aims to bridge the gap between industry sponsors, clinical trial sites, and patients. We empower our clients to implement innovative approaches to logistical processes, trial portfolio management, partnership strategies, digital transformation, and protocol to staffing mix leading to overall research program growth and sustainability. Our vision encompasses the promotion of patient access to cutting edge clinical trial options at point of contact; serving as a conduit for new technology innovations and relationships between industry, research sites, and patients, and promoting effective service continuity across the research continuum.

For more information about TrialNAV please visit trialnav.com and follow TrialNAV on LinkedIn.

Media Contact:
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