PatientBond and Zyter Collaborate to Enhance Care Plans and Patient Engagement through Personalization

SALT LAKE CITY, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PatientBond, the leading consumer science-driven patient engagement SaaS provider, announced today a collaboration with Zyter, Inc., the ultimate digital healthcare platform for pre-emptive and post-acute conditions, enabled by an ecosystem of Zyter products, which support value-based care initiatives. Under the terms of the agreement, Zyter will now be able to leverage PatientBond’s proprietary healthcare consumer psychographic insights and dynamic workflows to improve patient engagement through personalized care plans and patient communications.

“PatientBond strives to improve patients’ experience with industry leaders like Zyter,” Justin Dearborn, CEO PatientBond

With seamless integration with leading health systems, healthcare providers and payers can leverage Zyter’s digital healthcare platform for AI based risk stratification of patients using patients’ physiological clinical data for better health insights & analytics, patient engagement & access for an omnichannel experience, population health management for chronic condition management using care plans, care pathways and care assessments, order and prescribe devices for continual monitoring, care team collaboration for care & case management, 3rd party integrations with pharmacy Rx, device partners and clinical content providers, in a highly scalable and secure, HIPAA compliant environment.

To increase patient adherence and participation in these care plans, PatientBond’s psychographic segmentation model and patient engagement workflows will be employed to activate and sustain healthy behaviors. Psychographics pertain to people’s beliefs, values and personalities and are core to their motivations, priorities and communication preferences. PatientBond’s multi-channel communications span email, text message, automated phone calls, in-app/portal messaging and more. Communications are based on a patient’s psychographic profile with segment-specific wording, images, channel mix and frequency to resonate more effectively.

Zyter’s patient engagement approach combines the psychographic model with multi-channel communications to improve care plan adherence, including:

  • Segmented content used by care managers as well as automated communications, both designed to educate patients about their care plan and the importance of activating their clinical monitoring devices
  • Ongoing communications to sustain care plan participation or reactivate patients who have discontinued use of their clinical monitoring devices
  • Condition specific (e.g., congestive heart failure, diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, etc.) education to activate and sustain the behaviors that result in improved health outcomes
  • Care team guidance on interpersonal communications based on the patient’s psychographic profile designed to ensure patient compliance and objection handling

“This collaboration brings together a complex ecosystem of technology, process and content that can be personalized to any patient persona,” stated Sanjay Govil, Founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “As a result, we expect superior patient participation, satisfaction, and health outcomes from this scientifically-driven approach.”

Justin Dearborn, CEO of PatientBond, echoed expectations of the results from the collaboration, “We are excited to partner with Zyter for the benefit of healthcare consumers. Zyter has a proven track record and PatientBond strives for opportunities to improve patients’ experience with industry leaders like Zyter.”

About PatientBond

PatientBond was founded by leaders in digital health and consumer engagement, and consumer product executives from P&G who realized that the rise of consumerism in healthcare means that providers and other healthcare stakeholders must take a “digital first” approach to building loyal patient relationships. PatientBond’s mission is to leverage Healthcare Consumer Insights and Innovative Technology Solutions to help its clients build a tighter bond with their patients and members to improve health outcomes, increase revenue and reduce costs. PatientBond is growing rapidly, as recognized by Inc. 5000 and Financial Times. PatientBond is a portfolio company of First Trust Capital Partners. To learn more about PatientBond, visit

About Zyter, Inc.

Zyter delivers cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) digital health platform for providers, payers and patients that span health insights and analytics, engagement & access, population health management, clinical monitoring, and care team services all with an integrated ecosystem of partners on a robust platform. Zyter’s products improve clinical operations and patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs by enhancing interoperability, communication and collaboration. In 2021, Zyter acquired Casenet®, LLC and together the two companies’ products are used to manage healthcare for 11% of the U.S. population.

In 2021, the company won more than 105 awards for its products including Best Health Care and Medical Innovation; The Most Innovative Digital Health Startup; Best Product and Best Technology. Zyter was ranked a “strong performer” in the Forrester Wave™: Virtual Care Platforms for Digital Health, Q1 2021. Founded in 2017, the privately held company is based in Rockville, Md. For more information, please visit

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