ObvioHealth expands digital health research ecosystem through new global licensing agreement with Dedalus

The extended partnership includes access to Dedalus’s robust data-mining technology to facilitate the ingestion, harmonization, and analysis of patient data

NEW YORK, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ObvioHealth, a global virtual research organization (VRO), extends its strategic alliance with Dedalus Group (“Dedalus”), the leading healthcare and diagnostic software solutions provider in Europe, to include global licensing of Dedalus’s technology.

The two companies first partnered in 2021 to allow ObvioHealth to evaluate anonymized analytics of Dedalus’s healthcare records. This new agreement grants ObvioHealth use of Dedalus’s data mining and analytics tools for their own research as well as that of its partners and sponsors. This technology will enable access to analytics of ObvioHealth’s own multi-source healthcare data to inform better clinical trial design and recruitment as well as longitudinal disease and treatment trends.

Partner sites and their providers will also be able to propose clinical trials to their patients, a key area of opportunity given a recent WRG Market Analysis indicating that only 3% of physicians and 5% of patients currently participate in clinical trials. The data will also help train AI-enabled digital and diagnostic instruments to provide deeper analysis of certain disease states.

“We are pleased to provide ObvioHealth with a platform that can harmonize a seamless flow of multi-source data from disparate healthcare applications into a standard compliant and secure ecosystem,” said Koenraad Batselier, Vice President for Life Sciences at Dedalus Group. “By linking data sets semantically and normalizing them to an industry standard, we are opening up a whole new market—providing data infrastructure for clinical research in a way that was not previously possible.”

ObvioHealth’s digital research ecosystem includes digital devices and instruments, used primarily for the purpose of conducting decentralized clinical trials. This agreement with Dedalus will strengthen ObvioHealth’s capabilities in the identification and analysis of disease, comorbidity and treatment patterns that can assist providers with decisions in a real clinical workflow.

“The power of this ecosystem goes beyond clinical trials,” said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “With the ability to aggregate complex data sets we unlock a wealth of possibilities —from identifying disease correlations and trends to uncovering new indications for treatment.”

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About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is an end-to-end Virtual Research Organization (VRO) that delivers better data to sponsors and an easier clinical trial experience for participants. The company developed and launched one of the first patient-centric apps downloadable on smartphones, enabling people to participate in clinical trials from the comfort of their homes. In the 5 years since launch, the company has been awarded 46 studies from 28 blue chip clients, implemented in 28 countries, across 18 different therapeutic areas.


Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe, supporting the digital transformation of 6300 Healthcare Organisations and 5700 Labs and Diagnostic centres worldwide, processing its solutions for more than 540 millions of population worldwide. Dedalus offer supports the whole continuum of care, offering open standards-based solutions serving each actor of the Healthcare Ecosystem to provide better care in a healthier planet. Life Flows through our software.

For more information, visit www.dedalus.com

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