Transparent Health Marketplace Rebrands to Opyn Market as Company Leads Healthcare Transparency Movement

The Opyn Name Reflects the Company’s Commitment to Deliver an Open and Transparent Platform to an Otherwise Opaque Healthcare System

PHILADELPHIA, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Transparent Health Marketplace (THM), the leading transformative healthtech company in delivering healthcare transparency and patient choices, announced today the transition of its brand to Opyn Market.

Opyn’s launch comes amid strong company growth following a successful launch in 2021 of its Workers’ Compensation platform. The rebranding coincides with the expansion of the Opyn Market platform into commercial healthcare, enabling access to those seeking the affordable, quality healthcare they deserve.

The Opyn brand evokes a strong message as the company leads the movement to create choices and transparency in healthcare. With the power of an open platform, along with intelligent system design and real-time analytics, Opyn Market solves healthcare’s most pressing problems, which drives down overall costs and rebuilds consumer trust within the existing system.

“We are excited to introduce a brand that truly captures the core essence of our movement,” says Robert C. Mortensen, President and CEO of Opyn Market. “Opyn communicates both the energy of the company today and our platform’s ability to deliver on tomorrow’s needs. The future is now Opyn, and the possibilities are endless.”

The rebranding initiative echoes the company’s mission to change healthcare from within, and “open” the doors to finally provide options to those who receive and pay for care.

“Others who have tried to change the healthcare system have made the attempt from the outside and have failed,” states Mortensen. “We’re taking a different approach leveraging our role on the inside – and our compatibility and interoperability within the existing environment – opening the black box to empower people to make their own decisions for the first time.”

The rebrand brings digital updates, including a new website and new social media handles. Opyn’s new website can be found at, complete with a new brand design. You can also follow the company on Twitter @myopyn and LinkedIn @Opyn Market to keep up to date on the latest news and happenings.

About Opyn Market

Opyn Market is the first marketplace of its kind to provide real-time price transparency and analytics with the ability to easily shop, book, and pay for medical services in healthcare and workers’ compensation. The simple, intuitive digital platform automates scheduling, billing, and payment processes to give providers more time to deliver quality healthcare to their patients. Opyn Market delivers increased speed to care, cost savings, growth opportunities, access to affordable quality healthcare, and through Opyn Insights, actionable data that empowers payors and providers to create value-based relationships and optimize their business. For more information, visit us at

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