Betterguards Wins Sports Technology Award for Best Injury Prevention and Recovery Technology; Launches Ankle Brace Sales in the U.S. Market

Sports Technology Awards winner brings game-changing innovation to U.S. athletes, backed by NBA stars Franz and Moe Wagner and industry experts

The BetterGuard

The BetterGuard delivers an adaptive ankle protection system while simultaneously giving athletes freedom of motion.
The BetterGuard delivers an adaptive ankle protection system while simultaneously giving athletes freedom of motion.

NEW YORK, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Betterguards, a next-generation sports technology innovator, announced today it has won the Sports Technology Award for the Best Technology for Injury Prevention and Recovery as the company launches sales across the U.S. market. The award recognizes The BetterGuard ankle brace for its innovative injury prevention and recovery technology. The news was quickly followed by endorsement from NBA stars Franz and Moe Wagner of the Orlando Magic and the company’s All-Star Partnership and keynote presentation with the NBATA following the combine in Chicago.

Key points:

  • The BetterGuard wins Sports Technology Award for Best Injury Prevention and Recovery Technology, recognizing the groundbreaking ankle brace for its innovative approach to preventing injuries with intelligent ankle stabilization and freedom of movement.
  • NBA stars, Franz and Moe Wagner endorse The BetterGuard, citing innovative design and intelligent protection features, calling it the best high-performance ankle brace for elite athletes.
  • Betterguards CEO, Tony Verutti, delivers the “All-Star” presentation to NBATA membership in sponsorship with the NBATA, providing an overview of the game-changing technology inside The BetterGuard ankle brace.
  • Betterguards begins shipping orders to U.S. athletes, marking a major milestone as the company extends the availability of its groundbreaking technology to U.S. market.

German-born and NBA stars, Franz and Moe Wagner of the Orlando Magic are among those already utilizing The BetterGuard in the U.S. According to Franz, “As professional athletes, we take special care of our bodies and we need a brace that not only provides protection, but also allows for freedom of movement. We’ve tried many ankle braces over the years, but nothing comes close to offering the full range of motion and intelligent protection of The BetterGuard.”

Moe added, “The BetterGuard is an essential ingredient to maintain health and performance in the NBA, where nearly every player has missed time due to ankle injuries. Other ankle braces sometimes limit your agility and range of motion, making it difficult to move the same while getting the ankle protection we need. Unlike conventional braces, The BetterGuard offers unprecedented, 360-degree freedom of movement and protection precisely when I need it. I’m a big believer in not wanting the brace to feel bulky and The BetterGuard can provide that. The BetterGuard makes it easy to maintain athleticism and stay on the court with the added confidence of knowing I have reliable ankle protection.”

The judges of the Sports Technology Awards shared their admiration of The BetterGuard, saying, “The sports industry has been waiting for a product like The BetterGuard for years! The tech is outstanding and the company is well placed for a rosy future – this really could be a game changer.”

“We’re thrilled by the Sports Technology Awards recognition and the opportunity to work alongside the greatest athletes in the world as we bring this groundbreaking technology to the U.S.,” said Verutti. “The BetterGuard is proven to lower the risk of ankle injuries and perform at their highest level with intelligent ankle protection and freedom of movement. It’s a testament to the science and engineering behind the technology and the value of placing athletes at the forefront of innovation.”

The Sports Technology Awards and endorsements come shortly after announcing Tony Verutti as CEO, signaling an exciting new chapter for Betterguards. With orders now shipping across Europe and the U.S., The BetterGuard is poised to transform sports injury prevention and recovery for athletes worldwide.


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U.S. athletes and consumers can purchase The BetterGuard now using the company’s online store.

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About Betterguards

Betterguards is a next-generation sports technology company changing the game through injury prevention and performance innovation. The award-winning ankle protection system at the core of Betterguards delivers responsive ankle stabilization without restricting a full range of motion. This breakthrough ankle protection system protects athletes from sudden injuries, providing intelligent support without sacrificing performance. Developed in partnership with world-class athletes, Betterguards delivers German engineering in the world’s most advanced injury protection device.

Founded in 2014, Betterguards is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with operations in New York City and led by CEO Tony Verutti. In 2022, Betterguards was one of five companies selected by NBA Launchpad to work alongside league and team advisors focusing on ankle injury protection and recovery, furthering its commitment to put athletes at the forefront of innovation.

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