Healthspan Lab LLC Expands REDi Line with Advanced Targeted Photobiomodulation Devices

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2023 / Healthspan Lab LLC, an established leader in health and wellness technology, is proud to announce the expansion of its REDi product line with innovative, targeted photobiomodulation devices. The addition of these new products reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to providing health solutions that address various challenges.

REDi’s product line, renowned for offering some of the most powerful and technologically advanced red light panels in the market, is now expanding with unique devices designed for specific health needs.

Among the latest additions is REDi Cardioband, a wrist-bound device designed to enhance blood characteristics including cholesterol and blood pressure. The REDi Rise cap, developed to stimulate hair growth, harnesses five spectrums of red and infrared light. For sinus healing, REDi Sinufix bathes the sinuses in healing 650 spectrum red light, a solution not offered by traditional red light panels. The newly unveiled REDi Lumident is an oral device that promotes oral health and expedites recovery from dental procedures by applying two spectrums of red light to the mouth and gums.

“We’re excited to introduce these highly specialized devices to the market,” said Brad Adams, CEO of Healthspan Lab LLC. “Our expanded REDi line brings high-powered, targeted red light therapy to consumers looking to address specific health challenges. We strongly believe in the transformative power of photobiomodulation and are committed to ongoing innovation to deliver the most effective solutions to our customers.”

As REDi continues to break new ground in the red light therapy sector, additional targeted products are expected to augment the line, further expanding the potential applications of photobiomodulation.

The new REDi devices are available through selected retailers and directly through the company’s dedicated website at

About Healthspan Lab LLC:
Las Vegas-based Healthspan Lab LLC, through its REDi brand, specializes in the development and sales of advanced red light therapy products. Their commitment to improving overall health and wellness shines through their innovative REDi line of photobiomodulation devices. For more information, visit

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