Intellihealth’s Flyte Medical Partners With RiverSpring Living to Offer Customized Employee Wellness Plans

Clinically proven approach helps individuals achieve and maintain weight goals

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HealthcareIntellihealth, a leading health-tech software and clinical services company that delivers a comprehensive and clinically proven medical model for treating obesity, is partnering with RiverSpring Living to provide the organization’s employees with customized wellness plans aimed at helping them achieve and maintain a healthy weight through the use of its SaaS platform, Evolve, and Flyte Medical, its clinical services affiliate.

RiverSpring Living, one of the largest and most highly regarded providers of aging services in the New York metropolitan area, has approximately 1500 employees at its main campus in the Riverdale neighborhood, working at other facilities, or providing home care. All staff members are eligible to participate in the program.

Intellihealth offers RiverSpring Living employees three program options, delivering services via Intellihealth’s Flyte clinician team and user-friendly Evolve mobile app:

  • Self-guided: Employees who are looking for a simple tool to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle can use the Evolve app to track food, activity and weight and to access engaging educational materials, progress and trend insights, and group support.
  • Dietitian-guided: Employees who are looking for guidance on behavior and nutrition in addition to using the Evolve app to track healthy choices can connect with a dedicated registered dietitian via video visits and online messaging. The dietitian works with each employee to create an eating plan based on the individual’s dietary preferences and metabolic profile and then provides ongoing support.
  • Comprehensive care: Employees who have obesity, or who have overweight and an additional weight-related health condition, have access to an interdisciplinary care team that includes a physician, nurse practitioner and dietitian. The physician creates a personalized plan that is tailored to each individual’s unique health history and lifestyle and, when appropriate, prescribes anti-obesity medications. The members of the interdisciplinary care team then collaborate closely to monitor and support the individual’s ongoing journey to a sustainable healthier weight.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42% of U.S. adults have obesity, and another 32% have overweight. Obesity, a complex chronic disease, leads to significantly increased health care costs, reduced productivity and diminished quality of life.

“Because excess weight is the cause of many chronic conditions, losing weight is one of the best ways to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs,” said Dr. Leon Igel, chief medical officer at Intellihealth. “But losing weight isn’t easy, and for those with obesity, the standard advice to just exercise more and eat less doesn’t usually work because the human body has evolved complex mechanisms to actively resist weight loss. Success requires a highly personalized multidisciplinary approach that addresses all the complex individualized factors contributing to weight gain and preventing weight loss.”

“The comprehensive Flyte Medical approach, which draws on decades of research data and the experience of leading obesity medicine specialists, enables 85% of patients to lose 10-35% of body weight in first 12 months, improving health outcomes for hundreds of other conditions,” said Sloan Saunders, co-founder and CEO of Intellihealth. “Companies using Flyte Medical average $6000 annual healthcare savings per employee in the program.”

“At RiverSpring Living, we care about the long-term health and well-being of our employees,” said David V. Pomeranz, COO of RiverSpring Living. “We recognize that maintaining a healthy weight is a key component of staying well, but we also know that some of our team members — like a majority of Americans — struggle with overweight or obesity. To support their efforts to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, we’re offering a wellness program with a demonstrated track record of clinically proven results. Based on their individual circumstances and preferences, we’re giving our employees the option to take advantage of Flyte to help them maintain their current weight, to make more clinically significant changes by working with a registered dietitian for nutritional counseling, or to receive more comprehensive care with a nurse practitioner and physician.”

The members of the Flyte Medical team — metabolic health experts who are passionate about obesity medicine and focused on providing individualized care and support — deliver care via Intellihealth’s digital Evolve platform, which streamlines all aspects of care, including assessment, diagnosis, prescription and treatment. Program participants’ personalized treatment plans are developed and continually refined by the clinical care team based on factors such as the individuals’ medical history and health risks, electronic health record information, data from wearables and connected devices, and learning center progress.

In addition to partnering with businesses and health plan payers to provide weight management programs as a full-service health benefit, Flyte collaborates with health care organizations to augment their resources and enhance their obesity medicine offerings.

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About RiverSpring Living

For over 100 years, RiverSpring Living’s mission of care has supported the health and well-being of older New Yorkers living in the community and on our Riverdale campus through managed care, home care, senior residences, rehabilitation services and the nationally acclaimed Hebrew Home at Riverdale. RiverSpring Living serves more than 18,000 people every day, delivering progressive care with an unsurpassed reputation for quality. To learn more, visit

About Intellihealth

Intellihealth is changing the perception of obesity and redefining how it is treated. We offer a clinically proven medical obesity treatment approach that is three times more effective than lifestyle intervention alone. Our product, EvolveTM, enables health care providers to offer effective medical obesity treatment to new and existing patients, both via telehealth and in person. Our clinical services affiliate, FlyteTM Medical, provides business and healthcare systems the services of experienced clinicians who are passionate about obesity medicine, including physicians, nurse practitioners and registered dietitians. More about Intellihealth, Evolve and Flyte Medical may be found at



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